Foley on Microsoft

If MicroHoo Goes Through, What Then Should Microsoft Do?

A hypothetical to-do list for Microsoft's hypothetical Yahoo takeover.

The White Elephant in the Room?

Puzzling over Silverlight? You're not alone.

10 Apples To Tempt Microsoft

Here's hoping that Microsoft doesn't fall for the bait.

2007: All About Windows Vista

Vista's debut year had mixed results.

Microsoft Spreading Itself Too Thin?

In its quest to be "hip" and "cutting edge," Redmond may be forgetting the essentials.

Why Is Redmond So Bullish on Office Live?

Despite the offering's rocky beginnings, Office Live may still turn out to be a pleasant surprise.

Feeling Assured About Software Assurance?

Analysts say customers are dumping it, Microsoft says they're signing up in droves. Is the truth somewhere in the middle?

Microsoft's iPhone?

With Windows Home Server, Microsoft finally appears to be following Apple's marketing lead -- and it just might work.

Vista's Six-Month Report Card

What, precisely, is dragging the OS down?

Compliance vs. Compatibility

After all the hard lessons it learned from IE, which one will Microsoft pick?

Software+Services Madness

If Microsoft can't even explain its SaaS strategy, how can it expect anyone to buy into it?

Thinking Differently About Open Source

Don't be fooled -- Microsoft still has a long way to go.

Resisting the Siren Call of Software as a Service

Sometimes, the unfashionable choice is smart the smart one.

Windows Vista Down; On to Windows 7?

Looking ahead to a whole new breed of Windows.

Breathing New Life into Microsoft 'Live'

After a frenzied start, why is Live now laying low?

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