Foley on Microsoft

Microsoft's Obsession with Apple

If left unchecked, Microsoft's Apple fixation could be the company's undoing.

Product Launch Tidal Wave

Microsoft's ambitious product-launch schedule requires a delicate juggling act.

A Gates-less Microsoft

The house that Gates built? More like a house divided.

XP: The OS that Won't Die

That's good news for users, but not necessarily for Microsoft.

For Microsoft, 'Open' Is the Hardest Word

When it comes to being open source-friendly, it's usually one step forward, two steps back.

Will Azure Evolve Into Microsoft's Fifth Major Platform?

Microsoft's neither confirming nor denying, but Azure certainly has all the symptoms of a platform -- and developers should take note.

Getting Touchy About Touch

Memo to Microsoft: New isn't always better.

Microsoft's Morphing Business Model

More and more, the company is turning to Web-focused models.

5 Ways Redmond Can Fix Its Mobile Mess

Microsoft should learn a couple of things from its Vista missteps.

2009: The Year of Windows 7?

Consumers have good reason to be excited about the next OS -- and Microsoft has good reason to ship it sooner rather than later.

IE8: Microsoft Thinks Different

From standards-compliance to testing, Microsoft is rethinking its strategy for the upcoming browser.

What Does User Feedback Mean?

Microsoft is shifting its gears when it comes to incorporating feedback into its products.

Microsoft's Latest Reorganization

Getting to the bottom of Kevin Johnson's departure.

Microsoft Leaks Like a Sieve

The company tries to plug the information drain after Gates' departure.

Does Live Mesh Have a Business Future?

Microsoft's reticence notwithstanding, many people are excited about what Live Mesh can offer.

Office 365 Watch

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