Foley on Microsoft

Microsoft Bloggers: A Who's Who

Mary Jo lists her 10 favorite blogs by Microsoft employees.

Microsoft's Future Is ... Robotics?

Mary Jo talks with Microsoft about a world of robots.

How to Fix Microsoft in Five (Not So) Easy Steps

Mary Jo offers her tips on rectifying Microsoft's troubles.

Office Dinosaurs Unite

Microsoft is calling workers everywhere to join its "digital work style" revolution.

Microsoft Live: A Six-Month Report Card

Mary Jo explains what the Live services are all about and how she rates their success so far.

Windows Vista Testing: The School of Hard Knocks

Microsoft's made some improvements with its Vista beta testing program, but it could be doing more.

Is Microsoft Buying into the Web 2.0 Hype?

All indications show that the software giant has finally succumbed.

Give Me a Blank Check, Microsoft!

Foley's list of the top 10 things she would do if she was in charge of Microsoft's check book.

Will Microsoft’s Hardware-Upgrade Push Backfire?

The hardware demands of the next Windows and Office System 2006 products may prove to be not worth the effort for vendors and customers.

FoxPro Not an Endangered Species

Microsoft sends mixed messages about its less-than-sexy database development tool.

Windows Lessons for the Office Team

Office Senior Vice President Steven Sinofsky and his troops could learn a thing or two from the Windows team about building software that can be tweaked quickly.

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