Datacenter Trends

HPE, Cumulus Partner on Datacenter Storage for AI, 5G, IoT

The two companies are joining forces to provide datacenter storage that can handle the increasing demands of modern networks.

Datacenters in Space: OrbitsEdge Partners with HPE

A Florida-based startup is partnering with Hewlett Packard Enterprise in a deal that gives new meaning to the "edge" in edge computing.

AWS Reportedly Launching Newer, Faster Datacenter Chip

Amazon's industry-leading cloud business appears to be developing a new datacenter processor that's at least 20 percent faster than its predecessor.

The Datacenter in 2020 and Beyond: More Edge, 'As-a-Service' and AI

The next few years are going to be lively ones for the datacenter, according to research firm IDC's "Futurescape" report.

NetApp 'Keystone': A Program for Data that Lives Everywhere

Enterprise data storage provider NetApp is extending its Data Fabric strategy with a new consumption-based, pay-as-you-go data management offering for workloads in the cloud, co-located or on-premises.

Hyperscale Datacenters Hit a New Milestone

The number of large datacenters around the globe operated by hyperscale providers grew to 504 in the third quarter, which is triple their number at the beginning of 2013.

Death of the Datacenter: Q&A with GIGA Chief Jake Ring

Does the rise of the public cloud mean the end of the enterprise datacenter? That's an oversimplification of a complex issue, according to one CEO whose company specializes in hyperscale, modular datacenters.

Oracle Announces Massive Cloud Datacenter Expansion

At OpenWorld this week, CEO Larry Ellison described Oracle's plan to open an average of one region every 23 days over the next 15 months.

5G Fuels Datacenter Innovation, Driving It to the Edge

Datacenter service providers and chipset manufacturers must learn to adapt to the increased data traffic that 5G will generate, according to a new study.

With EPYC Rome Chips, AMD Could Eclipse Intel in Datacenter

AMD's high-profile EPYC 7002 launch has datacenter analysts wondering if the end of Intel's long reign is nigh.

Intel, Lenovo Expand Datacenter Partnership to AI and HPC

Intel and Lenovo announced a multiyear collaboration agreement this week, building on their longstanding partnership in the datacenter.

How Equinix Is Weaving a Global Network of Datacenters

Now in the next phase of expansion, the Equinix ECX Fabric service is bringing secure datacenter cloud connections to even more businesses around the world.

String of July Outages Fuels Datacenter Cloud Anxiety

Datacenter managers already have a tough time convincing the top brass to embrace cloud. Last week's high-profile service failures at Google, Facebook and Apple haven't helped.

AI-Driven Solution Tracks Packets Through the Datacenter

Datacenter solutions vendor Kaloom this week unveiled a new offering the company says will enable the development of "self-driving" datacenter networks.

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Lenovo Aims for Hyperscale Supremacy

From edge computing innovations to deeper integrations with SAP, Lenovo's datacenter roadmap aims to position the company as a major hyperscale contender.

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