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String of July Outages Fuels Datacenter Cloud Anxiety

Datacenter managers already have a tough time convincing the top brass to embrace cloud. Last week's high-profile service failures at Google, Facebook and Apple haven't helped.

AI-Driven Solution Tracks Packets Through the Datacenter

Datacenter solutions vendor Kaloom this week unveiled a new offering the company says will enable the development of "self-driving" datacenter networks.

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Lenovo Aims for Hyperscale Supremacy

From edge computing innovations to deeper integrations with SAP, Lenovo's datacenter roadmap aims to position the company as a major hyperscale contender.

Qualcomm Back in Datacenter Fray with AI Chip

The chip maker joins a crowded field of vendors that are designing silicon for processing AI inference workloads in the datacenter.

Microsoft, Google Join IT Majors in Backing Intel's CXL

Intel's launch of the CXL Consortium draws fresh battle lines in the interconnect wars.

Nvidia Touts Its 'Accelerated Computing' Vision for AI

The GPU maker has unveiled the CUDA-X AI, its latest technology to advance artificial intelligence in the datacenter.

VAST Data Unveils All-Flash Storage Architecture

With $80 million in funding raised, the startup is bent on hastening the death of the datacenter hard drive.

Datacenters Are Cooling Down as Buildouts Heat Up

Tech giants Google, Apple and others are expanding their datacenter footprints at a rapid rate, and it's pushing the industry to find better ways to power all that infrastructure.

Intel's 'Cascade Lake' Datacenter Chips Tackle AI Inference

Amid all the flash of this month's Consumer Electronics Show (CES), there was an unlikely datacenter announcement: Intel is now shipping its new Xeon Scalable CPU.

AWS Targets Intel with Arm-Based 'Graviton' Chips

The cloud giant just delivered some big news to datacenter managers watching the rapidly evolving Arm processor market.

Datacenter Predictions: AI Moves In and Cloud Moves to the Edge

The datacenter of 2020 and beyond will look quite different from the datacenter of today, according to researchers at IDC.

Micron's Buyout of Intel Partnership Boosts Its Datacenter Chops

At stake is a fabrication facility that makes 3D XPoint tech, which datacenter analysts see as an answer to the increasing performance demands of AI and HPC.

Chinese Spy Chip Scandal: Advice for Datacenter Managers

True or not, Bloomberg's report raises an obvious question: What can datacenter managers do to ensure the security of their organizations' hardware? The short answer is, nothing simple.

Ampere Launches Its First ARM-Based Datacenter Processors

With its rapid growth, partnership with Lenovo and aggressive roadmap, the startup is taking direct aim at CEO Renee James' former company, Intel.

One Solution to the Problem of Rapid Datacenter Expansions

Constant equipment refreshes mean a constant need for new power configurations. One company has a fix for that particular side effect of all this expansion.

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