Beta Man

Windows Live Mesh

Live Mesh is useful today, but it may be a blockbuster in the future.

Small Business Server 2008: SysAdmin in a Box

This Microsoft bundle can actually help small businesses forego a systems administrator.

Working Together

Forefront Stirling's integrated components give it an edge over single-purpose products.

Forefront's Communications Are 'Stirling'

Upcoming anti-malware suite offers integrated solution across the enterprise.

Internet Explorer 8 Shows Promise

The new version of the IE browser renews Microsoft's commitment to the Web.

A Sea Change for Project Management

The technology is no longer just about command and control.

From the Research Labs

They may never become products, but you can still use these utilities today.

Microsoft Search Server 2008 Express

Microsoft enters the growing market for enterprise search with its new solution.

SQL Server 2008: Administration Simplified

Policy-based management improves database performance.

SQL Server 2008: 'Katmai'

Another step on the road to integrated data and applications.

Silverlight Bridges the Gap

Silverlight will change the game across the board for developers, administrators and users.

Round and Round the Passwords Go

Lieberman Software's Roulette is an elegant and effective password-management tool.

Microsoft Windows Office Live

Not an Office clone, but a way to move the office online.

'Orcas' Beta a Killer?

An early look at the next Visual Studio shows better tools integration and more features.

Longhorn Beta 3 Drops

Is it worth migrating servers in the next year?

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