Microsoft Killing SharePoint News Connector, Touts Viva as Replacement

Microsoft is preparing to retire SharePoint News connector, a capability that enabled admins to make SharePoint content accessible within Microsoft Teams.

SharePoint News connectors are designed to make SharePoint updates visible to specific Teams channels. Previously, admins were able to set up "connectors" between SharePoint News and the Teams channel (or channels) of their choice. This made SharePoint News updates show up as part of the conversation on Teams.

However, starting July 22, that feature will be phased out. Admins will no longer be able to make new connectors on that date, Microsoft announced on Thursday.

Then, starting Aug. 26, existing connectors will stop working (i.e., they will no longer send notifications of SharePoint News updates). The changes will happen automatically, with no user action required.

"Our decision to move beyond the SharePoint News connector is driven by our commitment to providing a seamless and collaborative environment," Microsoft said in its announcement. "With current advancements in Microsoft Teams and SharePoint, we can leverage alternatives, ensuring real-time updates and discussions within Teams channels."

By alternatives, Microsoft mostly means its Viva "employee experience" platform. Microsoft recommends organizations switch to either Viva Connections News notifications or Viva Amplify, depending on which one their organization already uses.

Viva Connections Notifications functions much like SharePoint connectors; it broadcasts SharePoint News updates to Teams. Viva Amplify, meanwhile, lets users publish a one-time message to multiple applications, including Microsoft Teams.

If an organization has neither Viva service enabled, Microsoft recommends organizations set up a workflow in Teams. Admins can have Teams post a message on specific channels whenever there's a modification in SharePoint. Microsoft details how to create a Teams workflow in this post.

Regardless of which one an organization uses, these alternatives "offer a more integrated and feature-rich news experience that continues to share SharePoint site news within your Teams' channels," Microsoft said.

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