MarkLogic 9 Preview: New Security and Semantic Capabilities

Enterprise NoSQL database provider MarkLogic Corporation unveiled a preview of the latest version of its namesake database platform at its 11th annual user conference last week.

MarkLogic 9 will come with new security features via a partnership with Cryptsoft, as well as enhancements that support semantically defined data sets within a database that can be invoked by an API, a new query mechanism and new SQL integration capabilities.

MarkLogic bills its NoSQL database platform as "the world's best database for integrating data from silos," and "the new generation alternative to the decades-old relational database that relies on ETL tools to integrate data from silos."

With MarkLogic 9, due in December, the company adds features and capabilities designed to help datacenter managers cope with continuously changing enterprise data. The Entity Services feature, for example, employs a semantic model of key concepts, or "entities," and the relationships among them to allow developers give their data meaning. It also comes with a new query mechanism, called Optic API, which allows developers to combine documents, triples, and rows for the flexibility to execute joins across entities, perform aggregations, and project data in different views. Queries using the Optic API leverage a new underlying index and distributed execution across a cluster. This release will also provide enhanced SQL capabilities, the company said, which integrate data from the MarkLogic database with existing SQL tools "to make Business Intelligence and other functionalities powerful, fast and effective."

The plan to embed Cryptosoft's Key Management Interoperability Protocol (KMIP) technology into the DB platform addresses the estimated $160 billion enterprise data leakage problem, much of which can be traced to unprotected at-rest data, the company says. Embedding the Cryptsoft KMIP SDKs into the MarkLogic 9 platform simplifies the data integration and at-rest encryption process.

Governed by OASIS, the KMIP communication protocol defines message formats on a key management server. The server stores and controls symmetric and asymmetric keys, certificates and user-defined objects, all of which are subject to a security model implemented on the server. Australia-based Cryptsoft is a leading commercial provider of KMIP-based solutions, as well as PKCS#11 and smartcard products.

"Cryptsoft is the true steward of KMIP," said David Ponzini, MarkLogic's SVP of Corporate Development and Marketing, in a statement. "The company was an early proponent of the standard, continues to drive its evolution, and implements the standard in the way it was meant to be -- without additional complexity or cost."

MarkLogic is providing early access to this release. Information about that program is available on the company's Web site.

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