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Hacker Apparently Lied About Massive Bank Breaches

A hacker by the name of Reckz0r (I really hate the ridiculous lingo my generation help to create) bragged online this week about infiltrating the network of 79 major banks and leaking personal customer info online.

However, there's a few things wrong with this guy's story. First, the information he provided  only includes the vaguest of details on customers. And second, according to those PCWorld talked to, the information is old and did not come from Reckz0r.

Apparently Reckz0r expected the whole hacker community to bow down to him, while we mere mortals shake in our boots at the awesome power that he can wield over us. Instead, some took two minutes to look into the matter to see he was full of crap.

Reckz0r doen't have the most trustworthy track record (besides the fact that he's a hacker). Just last week he posted a message about how he was giving up the criminal lifestyle to help in cyber security.

I guess in less than a week he found that playing it straight doesn't pay the bills. I'm just a bit confused on how lying about hacking accomplishes that, though.

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