You're also fond of courts -- both basketball and tennis -- and many of you know your way around baseball and softball diamonds as well.

That's what approximately 500 RCP readers told us in a recent informal survey, which focused primarily on business issues but included a few lifestyle questions just for fun. Among them: What's your favorite participatory sport?

Golf was by far the most common response. Second place went to baseball/softball. Basketball ranked third. Tennis came in fourth, followed closely by football and soccer, which tied for fifth. Volleyball, bicycling, running and hiking or walking all showed up several times as well. Cricket and table tennis each made a surprisingly respectable showing.

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A few of you prefer adventurous activities such as skydiving, scuba diving, hang-gliding and auto racing. You've got at least one triathlete and one serious paintball combatant in your ranks.

Others cited more leisurely pursuits: darts, poker, chess; while two wags cited an activity that, while physical, isn't technically a sport.

Not everyone listed a best-loved pastime, X-rated or otherwise. "I'm too lazy for sports," reported one brutally honest respondent. Another listed her favorite activity as "getting home in time to make dinner with my kids, hang out with them [and] read ... All the other stuff is in the 'used to' category."

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