Sun, Sand, Surf and Salt Air

RCP readers would rather head to the beach, says one survey.

The summer of 2006 is now just a pleasant memory and chances are you're already planning -- or at least dreaming about -- your next great getaway. If you're like other Redmond Channel Partner readers, you probably prefer the seashore to just about anyplace else on earth.

In a recent survey of about 500 RCP readers, we threw in a few lifestyle questions just for fun -- including one asking participants to name their favorite vacation spots.

"Ocean" was by far the most common response, garnering more than a quarter of the votes. "Mountains" came in a distant second. "Resort" ranked third, trailed by other options ranging from cruises to active-outdoor trips, such as biking and hiking.

A few respondents used their own words to describe their fantasy getaways. One yearned for "urban adventure," another for "barefoot sailing" and a third for "camping and getting away from technology." One reader longed simply to "relax at home and let everyone else go away." And one described a particularly unusual ideal vacation venue: "a library with an attached pizzeria."

What's Your Preferred Vacation?
Ocean *27%
Mountains 18%
Resort 15%
Active-Outdoor Trip 10%
Cruise 8%
Lake 8%
Other 8%
Guided Tour 1%

*Percentages rounded to nearest whole number; 5 percent of respondents provided no answer

But, apparently, some respondents didn't even dare to dream about leisure time, as evidenced by this wistful comment: "I haven't had a real vacation in more than 10 years."

About the Author

Anne Stuart, the former executive editor of Redmond Channel Partner, is a business technology freelance writer based in Boston, Mass.


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