House Requests Documents for HP Probe

Hewlett-Packard Co., enmeshed in a scandal over the use of deceptive tactics to find a boardroom leaker, on Monday turned over documents requested by the House Energy and Commerce Committee for its investigation of the affair.

The records and information sought by the panel, according to a letter to company officials:

  • The name and identity of the outside consulting firm mentioned in Hewlett-Packard's Sept. 6 regulatory filing with the Securities and Exchange Commission and of any other outside consultants hired by the company to assist in its leak investigation.
  • Copies of any contracts, letters of engagement and investigative plans related to the leak investigation.
  • The names and identities of all third parties, whether hired directly by Hewlett-Packard or by its outside consulting firm, that were used during the investigation to obtain, or attempt to obtain, phone records and other personal information of any subjects of the investigation.
  • A list of all individuals or entities that were subjects, or designated as subjects, of the investigation.
  • A list of all people, including HP employees, who were involved in conducting the investigation or who had knowledge of it while it was going on.
  • A list of all people or entities whose phone records or other personal information were obtained or attempted to be obtained by the outside consulting firm or by any other party from Jan. 1, 2005, to the present. The types of records that were obtained.
  • Copies of all reports prepared for the investigation by the outside consulting firm or any other party, including any and all analyses or opinions concerning the legality of pretexting.
  • A copy of the company's letter of engagement with the law firm Wilson Sonsini Goodrich & Rosati regarding the Energy and Commerce Committee's investigation.
  • Copies of all reports prepared for the committee's investigation, including any report prepared by the Wilson Sonsini law firm.
  • Copies of all draft and final minutes of HP's board of directors related to either the leak investigation or the committee's inquiry.


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