St. Bernard Software Wants Bigger Bite of Security Mart

An unusual merger is adding loads of cash to St. Bernard Software's coffer, which will be used to build new products and buy up security vendors, said company CEO John Jones in an interview this week.

St. Bernard merged with Sand Hill IT Security Acquisition Corp., a deal that was recently finalized. Sand Hill is a Special Purpose Acquisition Corporation, which is a public company designed to buy or merge with a private corporation, add capital and build up the business.

In Sand Hill's case, the company raised $65 million in 2004 -- cash that can now be used to meet St. Bernard's goal of becoming a $100 million outfit.

Jones outlined three area of focus. First, the company increased investment in its channel (although not at the expense of its direct sales efforts). Second, Jones is pushing for more international sales. And last, but not least, Jones wants to use the new found funds for acquisitions and is eyeing buys in the security appliance space.

Right now the company's two hottest products are both appliances: iPrism Web filter and ePrism e-mail filter.

The company, now public, is retaining the St. Bernard name and last year pulled in $24 million in sales.

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