Good-bye NSI, Hello Double-Take

Storage stalwart NSI Software has taken the name of its flagship product and will now be known as Double-Take Software. The immediate benefit is that customers who know Double-Take will instantly recognize the company. And Double-Take actually means something, invoking images of replicating or copying data. But some brand gurus caution against naming a company after a single product, like when MicroPro renamed itself WordStar. And Executive Software recently changed its name to Diskeeper after its popular defrag tool. What happens if you outgrown the original product? What if Microsoft called itself Altair Basic? See how that could be limiting?

Can Computers Save the World? Redmond Researchers Want to Try
There's been a lot of well-deserved positive talk about Bill Gates' philanthropy, and a lot of well-deserved negative talk about Bill Gates bashing MIT's efforts to bring cheap computing to the Third World. Now Redmond researchers are chiming in, releasing an 80-page report detailing critical global problems like disease and growing energy needs, and how technology can help.

My advice? Before saving the world, can you fix the funky formatting on this report? It has tiny fonts and an unnecessary side-by-side page layout. Get out your magnifying glass and read the report here.

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If Your Budget Ain't Growing, You Ain't Asking
While consultancy Robert Half sees IT hiring almost flat, analyst firm IDC sees IT spending going up 6.3 percent this year. It seems that companies will be investing in new projects like content management and business intelligence, but perhaps won't be hiring many people to make these projects happen.

If you had a bigger budget, what would you spend money on? You know the address: [email protected].

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