Three Security Bulletins Re-Released in June

As part of its monthly patch release this week, Microsoft re-released three older security bulletins to fix various problems with them. While two of the re-releases update documentation and include references to subsequent versions, one is a new version of a security fix for a critical patch that is recommended even for customers who installed the original.

The re-released patches are MS05-019 from April, MS05-004 from February and MS02-035 from July 2002.

MS05-019 is a critical patch for a remote code execution vulnerability in the TCP/IP stack of Windows. While the original patch fixed the remote code execution vulnerability and four other denial-of-service flaws, it also caused a loss of network connectivity. Problems included an inability to connect to terminal services or to access file shares, failure of Domain Controller replication across WAN links, and an inability of Microsoft Exchange servers to connect to Domain Controllers.

The new patch, designed to correct the network connectivity problems, is available at

MS05-004 is an important patch involving an information disclosure vulnerability with elevation of privilege potential in the Microsoft .NET Framework. Microsoft updated the bulletin to announce the availability of an updated package for the .NET Framework 1.0 Service Pack 3 for Windows XP Tablet PC Edition and Windows XP Media Center Edition. The updated bulletin is available at

MS02-035 originally addressed a problem in SQL Server 7.0, MSDE 1.0 and SQL Server 2000 in which SQL Server installation left passwords on the system. The revised bulletin updates technical information in the bulletin FAQ with more details for cluster installation and to let users know about an updated KillPwd utility. The bulletin is at

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