IT Weekly Roundup, Nov. 12

From the business wires this week: blade servers, a 1U autoloader and security appliances.

RLX Technologies announced the launch of its sixth generation of blade servers with the SB6400. Featuring dual Intel Xeon processors with Extended Memory 64 Technology, DDR-2 memory and an 800MHz front-side bus, the SB6400 provides PCI Express support and onboard integration of Infiniband and Fibre Channel. Also unveiled were the RM1400 and RM1100 managed rack-dense servers in 1U form factor. The RM1400 supports dual Intel Xeon processors, as well, four SCSI disk drives and 8GB of DDR-2 memory. The entry-level RM1100 is driven by either an Intel Celeron or Pentium 4 processor and can hold up to 4GB of DDR-2 memory and two SATA disk drives.

Secure Elements, Inc. announced that its CLASS 5 Automated Vulnerability Remediation (AVR) has been approved for distribution and implementation on the IBM eServer BladeCenter architecture. The security management solution proactively stops attacks with policy enforcement, patch management, compliance management and asset management and control.

NetScout Systems, Inc. released nGenius Integrator for Cisco NAMs, a software module that extends NetScout nGenius Performance Management (PM) solution to meet the needs of multiple Cisco Network Analysis Module (NAM) environments. It assists in centralized management and data collection and analysis of network traffic statistics generated by NAM devices in an enterprise. The optional, licensed module for nGenius PM is available for $25,000 per server.

Tandberg DLT V160 Autoloader

Manage the Tandberg DLT V160 via a Web console.

The first member of InoStor Corporation’s Tandberg StorageLoader family, the DLT V160 is a 1U rackmount autoloader with up to 1.28TB of tape-based storage. The tape autoloader can transfer data at rates up to 16MB/sec. using 2:1 hardware data compression. MSRP is $4,420.

Sleepycat Software released the newest version of its Berkeley DB open-source database software. Berkeley DB 4.3 now supports in-memory transaction logging, Level 2 isolation, automatic initialization of replication clients and automatic sequence number generation.

M-Systems DiskOnKey Classic 2.0

M-Systems DiskOnKey Classic 2.0

I/O Software, Inc. announced the integration of its SecureSuite XS product line with M-SystemsDiskOnKey USB flash drive devices. This enables users to use the flash drives as authentication devices, in addition to being portable storage units.,

Proofpoint’s Content Security 3.0 suite comes with three new application modules that help enterprise-level organizations manage the security of outbound e-mail. The new features include Proofpoint Content Compliance, which enables definition and enforcement of acceptable use policies for message content and attachments; Proofpoint Digital Asset Security for securing valuable assets and information from being leaked externally via e-mail; and Proofpoint Regulatory Compliance to ensure e-mail messages comply with privacy and data protection regulations.

PredatorWatch Auditor 128

The Auditor 128 can be equipped with plug-ins for enhanced security.

Auditor 128 from PredatorWatch, Inc. is an enterprise security management appliance for small- to mid-sized networks. The plug-and-play device features hardened Linux inside and can audit up to 256 IP addresses for common vulnerabilities and exposures. If a device is found to be vulnerable, Auditor 128 will block traffic to and from it until it’s secured. Compatible with all operating systems, it costs $1,295 with plug-ins starting at $19 per month and CVE subscription updates at $59 per month.

The Chelsio T110-CX4 Protocol Engine from Chelsio Communications is a 10-Gigabit Ethernet server adapter using the cost-effective, copper-based 10GBASE-CX4 802.3ak standard. With an application-to-application latency of less than 10 microseconds, the adapter offers full TCP/IP offload and iSCSI acceleration, and is priced for under $2,500 in 100-unit orders direct to OEMs.

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