Through the Looking Glass: Raises and How to Get One

Data not published within this year's salary survey points to modest raises expected in the coming year and plans for new jobs.

This year's Microsoft Certified Professional Magazine salary survey, available online at, states that 56 percent of MCPs expect to receive an increase in compensation this year. What it doesn't provide is information by certification about what size of raise that equates to. Here, we'll provide details about the size of those raises by certification title as well as additional information we couldn't squeeze into the original report. Shortly, we'll follow up with information about salaries by size of company. What you don't know about compensation can cost you!

According to the more than 6,500 respondents to this year's salary survey, you expect raises, but they're not in the double digits. Here's what they look like by credential:

Who Expects Raises?

Interestingly, one out of five people expects to obtain those raises by changing jobs. By certification title, here are the percentages who say they've already moved or expect to move to a new company some time this year:

How Many Plan to Change Jobs?

To read the 2003 Salary Survey, go to

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Dian L. Schaffhauser is a freelance writer based in Northern California.


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