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Google Deactivates ActiveSync

Google is decommissioning old products, but for some reason it seems almost all of these retirements relate to Microsoft. Google Apps, for instance, is bailing on support of older versions of IE.

And more recently Google decided to stop supporting ActiveSync for Exchange (could the push to make all things Gmail have anything to do with it?).

Google Sync, which keeps Gmail, Google Contacts and Calendar all up to date, relies in part on ActiveSync. This is a benefit to Microsoft users, especially mobile folks, and their ability to keep Google and Microsoft-based item in line.

Google recently began charging for Google Apps for Business. Those customers will be weaned off ActiveSync where the change for free users will be more abrupt.

Do you use ActiveSync or Google Apps? Share your thoughts on either at

Posted by Doug Barney on 01/09/2013 at 1:19 PM

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Reader Comments:

Thu, Jan 10, 2013

Google is just a big AG (Attention Getter), and this is likely yet just another way to get people to say the word 'google' and get their name in the news. Everything they do seems to focused on making the news, and that is their intention - remember they are an ad company at heart. I say we just ignore them.

Wed, Jan 9, 2013

Weeks after the announcement, I've yet to read an analysis that concludes this was a smart move for Google.

Wed, Jan 9, 2013 Chris Barber

Google is not being smart. People like using Outlook with Google sync. Its practically Exchange server. Now what? Users have to use a browser? Google is already losing clients. I know of two local companies that just recently switched from Google Apps to Microsoft's hosted Exchange due to the fact that Google Apps wasn't reliable enough. Now without active sync.... It's just a plain dumb move Google.

Wed, Jan 9, 2013 Gilbert, AZ

I don't believe Google can chase Exchange out of the game. I believe this is going to hurt all their hardware products. I bet they rethink this. From my 6 foot view of the world it sounds nutz. From 50,000 feet...who knows.

Wed, Jan 9, 2013

One of the reasons I stick to Android phones is for its ActiveSync capabilities. Take that out and my next phone will probably be a Windows based device.Bravo Google, bravo...

Wed, Jan 9, 2013

Google is acting stupid lately. Their arrogance is going to be their downfall.

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