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Google Apps Fireworks Prepped

I am more thoroughly steeped in Google Apps than a Google product manager. That's because I just talked to over a dozen Redmond Report readers about your direct experiences with the cloud suite. The end result will be a pretty extensive real-world comparison between Microsoft Office 365 and Google Apps for Business.

I found that there are fans of foes of both suites. Hardcore Microsoft IT types vastly prefer Office 365, while smaller shops appreciate the scaled-down nature of the Google software.

I also found that users are passionate on each side of this massive debate.

Google is ready to launch a public broadside against Microsoft. It took its first shot by announcing a gaggle of Google wins in the form of shops that have committed to more than 100,000 seats, a company executive recently bragged. We should hear more in the next month or so, or so says Amit Singh, a Google VP.

So far, Google has announced big customers such as the city of Los Angeles, CapGemini, Brown University and, get this, the city of Seattle.

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Posted by Doug Barney on 12/16/2011 at 1:18 PM

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Reader Comments:

Mon, Dec 26, 2011

Microsoft will never compete in the cloud until they get some apps out the door for the Android and Apple devices that provide a smooth interface to their web app products.

Fri, Dec 16, 2011 ibsteve2u Commonwealth of Pennsylvania

There is something to be said for "scaled-down" apps: If you're at all concerned about speed and efficiency, then you have to bear in mind the fact that the ability to and ease with which you can add fluff eventually always results in time spent adding fluff...often to the detriment of content. Is like email: It is easy to it gets sent a lot. Too much.

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