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Reimage's PC Repair will likely prove more useful at home than at work, but it does offer some powerful analysis and repair capabilities.

Reimage PC Repair is a useful tool for fixing operating system errors. It can also repair computers that can't boot. The product, from Reimage, is easy to use and is geared toward users, not hard-core techies who want to know exactly how the tool works. It's designed to work with Windows XP and doesn't support Windows Vista, though Reimage officials say a Vista version is on its way. PC Repair isn't ideal for enterprise environments, but smaller businesses that have only a few PCs might find it useful. For this review, I decided to give the tool a test-drive on the family computer in my house, which typically locks up or crashes on a daily basis. After running PC Repair, I made some surprising discoveries about our family computer.

Installation and Analysis
Installation of the product was so easy that anyone who knows how to use the Web and can access can quickly get started. One thing to note is that during the install, the company's Web site also prompts the user to install another product, PC Booster. I skipped the PC Booster install to see how PC Repair would stand on its own.

When the install was done, PC Repair immediately began analyzing my computer and scanning it for viruses. The informational screens that appear during the scan offer some interesting information in real time. They detail system configuration and hardware, available hard drive space, total hard disk drive size, total PC memory and Windows paging file size. PC Repair then compares these values to recommended- and worldwide-average values and displays the information in graphs that are easy to read.

In a hardware-analysis summary, it checks CPU power, free memory, hard disk speed in megabytes per second and CPU temperature. This display includes gauges, which are easy to read and accompany textual information.

After it completes its analysis, PC Repair gives the user a PC Analysis Summary based on the results it finds, also presented in easy-to-read bar graphs.

My results were as follows:

  • Optimization Level: 64 percent. A general slowdown; applications load more slowly since I first purchased the computer.
  • Stability Level: 62 percent. Applications sometimes crash due to system instability.
  • Security Level: 100 percent. No malware found on the computer.
  • Overall Level of the PC: 67 percent.

The analysis that produces these results takes about 15 minutes, and, up to this point, the product runs for free. I have to admit, I wasn't entirely sure how PC Repair returned some of the details about my computer.

Paying for Repairs
Once I saw that my computer wasn't 100 percent optimized, I decided to let Reimage repair it. Clicking the Start Repair button opens a screen in which the software charges the user for repairs. The cost of a one-time repair is $65 and is payable through a major credit-card, PayPal, electronic check, wire transfer, phone, fax, mailed check, money order or even bank transfer. PC Repair also offers bundles of three, five or unlimited repairs for a month for not much more than the cost of a one-time use. The company offers a 100 percent money-back guarantee.

The analyze-then-pay nature of PC Repair renders the product largely inappropriate for enterprise use. In fact, IT administrators at larger companies will likely want to prevent users from experimenting with it. However, PC Repair could be useful in small operations that have few or no IT pros with time on their hands to fix individual PCs.

The Repair Process
Like the analysis scan, the repair process shows the user a progress bar. In doing so, it reveals to the user that a repair can take up to an hour to complete. PC Repair then says it's going to download a "spare parts" package of about 80MB in size that will fix files that might be damaged, but it says it will do so by downloading only the parts necessary for a repair. At one point, I noticed the program had to download 11,361 files or fixes for my computer, which it downloaded in compressed packages.

The next step of the repair process removes faulty files and settings from the computer. PC Repair then cleans up the registry by modifying incorrect values and restoring them to the appropriate settings. The tool then installs missing files and settings to the computer. During this process, the installation of the 11,361 fixes took over my computer -- the interface froze for a few seconds, but I could tell that the hard drive was thrashing away.

While I was waiting for the repair process to finish, I wondered whether the product could work offline to repair a network connection. I decided to contact a support engineer. Two seconds after clicking the support button, I was online with a real engineer. He quickly confirmed my suspicion -- without Internet access, PC Repair can't download fix packages. That means it's impossible to fix networking issues without Internet access.

I also wondered how to repair a system that couldn't boot. The support engineer pointed me to a link on the company's Web site that explains how to create a free boot disk. This boot disk boots the computer up on a network and allows access to Internet Explorer. From there, users can go to the company's Web site and repair their computers.

At the end of the repair process, PC Repair requires a reboot of the computer. During the reboot process, a Reimage bootloader starts up before Windows fully loads. The bootloader finalizes the repair of exclusively locked files. This process takes one minute. Another nice feature of the software is that it provides an "undo" icon on the desktop that allows the user to roll back changes as necessary.

Installation 20%
Features 20%
Ease of use 20%
Administration 20%
Documentation 20%
Overall Rating:

Key: 1: Virtually inoperable or nonexistent  5: Average, performs adequately   10: Exceptional

A Powerful, Non-Professional Tool
PC Repair is a great product for the user who doesn't know much about computer repair. One real concern I have about the product is that it's "black box," meaning it reveals little to the user about how it works. While this is great for the average user, the IT professional would want to know exactly what my 11,361 fixes actually were and how PC Repair was going to implement them. That's another reason why the product really wouldn't serve well as an enterprise tool.

Also, it's not possible to save or print the analysis report PC Repair provides. However, because the analysis is free, it's always possible to run the tool again and update the results of its analysis. Since running PC Repair on my home computer, I have yet to experience one of those daily crashes or lockups. While PC Repair isn't an ideal tool for the average IT professional, it's useful for home systems and might come in handy for smaller businesses or time- and resource-strapped small companies. 

PC Repair

Free for initial analysis
Reimage Inc.
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Reader Comments:

Fri, Jan 27, 2012 Bill Coquitlam, BC


Wed, Nov 9, 2011

Full Money Back Guarantee What a joke I bought 3 keys ran it on three different PC's and I didn't finish running on any of them. They want to have access to my PC to see what the problem is. I tried to run there software on a PC that just had a clean install of Windows 7 it ran all night. Don't expect to get any money back from them. I don't want to bash another company with name that's close so here is their website.

Sun, Nov 14, 2010 Douglas Boe Spokane, WA

I had a rapidly escalating Windows 7 bluescreen problem (ruling out hardware, as everything tested OK). I stumbled across Reimage after searching for hours online for a homemade solution. I tried their free scan and could see immediately that the program was on the right track (based on common themes I'd seen online). The program listed all of my recent system crashes in great detail, showed the CPU's temperature, etc. So I took a chance and paid the $69. Got beautiful results (so far anyway). Money well spent. Really impressive.

Thu, Oct 7, 2010

Don;t get this. It froze my e-mail and support was the worst. I f you could get a hold of anyone good luck

Fri, Jul 16, 2010 nick slav Sussex, UK

Following a blue screen error (0xc000021a) but able to function in Safe Mode with internet connection, I tried everything short of reformatting and reinstalling. This included dialogue with forums, a visit by an IT pro buddy, Google searches, etc., and all to no avail. On the point of switching to a Mac (even attended their introductory course ) stumbled upon Reimage via the Windows Secrets newsletter. In the space of a couple of hours and for £25 ($ 40) Reimage completely repaired the damaged files - probably Winlogin.exe. et al.- and the machine rebirthed itself. Nothing but praise for this application and an incredible tool in the Microsoft minefield. Will recommend to all my contacts, forums and newsletters.

Thu, Jun 17, 2010 scaby scrotum groin

after using this product my balls itched for weeks

Tue, Jun 15, 2010 ISLAM Bangladesh

Sound device is not working in my desktop. The HDA audio bus driver installation is requird.

Wed, Jun 9, 2010 gaber iryna ukraine

i am so happy ,that this programm will help me. thanks a lot.

Tue, Jun 1, 2010 Bruce

>> Their product description failed to mention that the $47.95 charge was only for a single use of your product. <<

Funny, as soon as reimage completed its analysis of my computer, and idendified 17 corrupt files, I hit the repair key and it took me straight to a frame that told me it was $47.95 for a single-time repair, or $69.95 to purchase three repairs (keys) that could be used at later dates. As I said in my previous post, I opted for the three key deal for only $20.00 more.

Tue, Jun 1, 2010 Bruce

Mine is a good report. My computer was running VERY slow -- IE took about two minutes to load. Google searches were painfully slow and a few of my programs crashed now and again. Reimage identified 17 corrupt files in the Windows operating system (it also correctly identified the programs that were crashing).

So I went for the "three key" deal for only $20.00 more). I ran key number one and reimage replaced the corrupted files and now my computer is back to normal speed and has not crashed since the repair.

Regarding someone's previous complaint --

>> That page displayed the following: 100% Money Back Guarantee Satisfaction Guaranteed, or your money back. <<

The reimage website clearly states that the 100% money-back guarantee is good for 7 days.

Regarding the complaint that reimage froze and didn't complete, that happened to me the first time I ran it, but -- I had not turned off my anti-virus software as they recommend. Since it didn't complete, reimage allowed me to run the same "key" again and this time it fully completed. The best thing to do is start your computer in the "safe" mode (using the F8 key) and run reimage from there. That way, you are not likely to get interference from other programs that might start up while reimage is doing its work.

Regarding customer support, I sent them an email around 10:00pm one evening and the next morning when I powered up my computer, I already had a reply.

I think perhaps some of the complaints might come about because of instructions not followed.

Sun, May 30, 2010 Reimage team

DENNIS GOTTLIEB, the previous comment, has performed a credit fraud with Reimage. After we have refused, he has published negative posts about Reimage. What a shame

Sun, Apr 18, 2010 Dennis Gottlieb U.S.A.


I downloaded Reimage on 3/22/2010 and it repaired my primary computer problem. My computer took forever to boot. However, on 4/01/2010, just nine days latter, my computer performance was running as slow as it had on 3/22/2010.

I tried to rerun Reimage, but my repair key was no longer valid. In stead of executing the program it returned me their order page which looked exactly the same as it on 3/22/2010. The one day only price was still listed as $47.95. The only difference was that the last day to take advantage of the one day price had been changed to the then current date.

Their product description failed to mention that the $47.95 charge was only for a single use of your product. That is a significant omission. I requested a refund in my email of 4/01/2010. I sent them email seven additional times requesting a full refund and the first six replies set additional conditions that I must satisfy before I would be eligible for a refund. The seventh email informed me that I was not entitled to a refund as of 3/29/2010. Why didn’t they tell me in response to my email of 4/01/2010 which was sent more than seven days after I downloaded the program? The only explanation that makes any sense is that their customer support is totally inept or that they were having a good laugh or taking sadistic pleasure in treating me like a yo-yo.

I ordered Reimage by clicking the “See how it works” button on their homepage which is listed under the “Diagnose Your PC” title on your homepage. The web page then changed to another page titled “Ready to fix your computer?”

That page displayed the following:
100% Money Back Guarantee
Satisfaction Guaranteed, or your money back. If Reimage fails to work on your computer, then you are entitled to a 100% refund.* Also, an automatic backup of changes is made every time you run Reimage. At any moment you can stop using Reimage and have a full roll-back. No risk to you what so ever. If for some reason you are not satisfied with the repairs made - your money will be refunded.

The word refund is followed by an “*” which in Standard English usage indicates that the meaning of the word is modified by a footnote that is identified by an asterisk. The words “100% Money Back Guarantee” are printed in 12 point typeface. That is followed by the rest of the statement in 8 point typeface. There are no footnotes on that page. There is however the following listed in the lower margin of the page printed in 6.5 typeface

Company | Technology | Download | Support | Contact Us | Affiliate Program | Blog | Privacy Policy | Terms of Use | Refund Policy

It is not reasonable for readers of their Internet sight to follow the asterisk notation to the “Refund Policy” button.

Fri, Apr 2, 2010 art foster kalispell, mt

thanks for the warning!!!

Wed, Feb 24, 2010 peggy

after reading the comments i have;decided not to use it, am an old lady in the woods of wisconsin and am afraid after what all the comments said...i do wish you luck but cannot afford to have my machine notwork or freeze or any such such;thing......sounds good in the ads but i read nothing positive aobut it.................thanks for being there and trying .....peggy age 80

Mon, Feb 8, 2010 Justin North Tustin, CA

Ahh, so many bad comments. But yet I don't have one to share with you. I used this program on two computers (both Windows XP) and it made both of them about 30% faster! It's a great program... I think the problem some of you were having is that sometimes when programs change things with the Windows Registry it can make your computer mess up, but that seems rare with this program. And the program puts a 'undo' shortcut on your desktop so you can undo whatever this program did to your computer. Also, as for the refunds, you need to look for your Clickbank receipt in your email, then go to the Customer Service link, and then select the appropriate contact on that form on the website, and simply say you want a refund. Clickbank will always refund, within 60 days of purchase. Hope this helped!

Sat, Feb 6, 2010 Gary Texas USA

Man what a rip off this product is. My PC was working before I paid and used Reimage. Now it won't boot. No support - No Help - One contact with missing items in the email. How do I get a refund. Over a week and nothing. The joke is on me! Don't let it be on you. Obviously you did not test this product before you recommeded it.

Tue, Jan 26, 2010 Kim Mountain Home ID

I have only had my laptop since July, my CD/DVD only worked for a month or so. I am not that good at fixing computers. I called Dell for over 7 hours and got disconnected 8-9 times and they still couldn't get me through it, at the end they said that I would have to send my computer in to have it fixed. But before sending it in I found the Reimage Repair I tried to order it and tried 5 times and it wouldn't take my credit card and I haven't been able to find a phone number to call and order it. Then trying to find a phone number I found the comments, so I don't think that I will be ordering the program either.

Sun, Jan 17, 2010 Jacques Montreal

The repair didn't work for me either (it froze at 30% without any further progress even if let it ran for several hours, jsut ina case...). The support link on their web page didn't even work, and once I deducted that the support e-mail address should be something like, a ticket got opened, someone did get back to me 48hrs later to tell me to do... exactly what I had told them I did when it forze (i.e. windows in Safe mode with network connecitons enabled...). I wrote several other e-mails after that - to no avail... It's been a week now, I want a refund (that's what their site pretends if I'm not 100% satisfied) but there's absolutely no information on how to proceed - it goes along with poor customer support that this company provides. Perhaps this is a program that's only able to fix computers that don't have any problem...

Tue, Dec 1, 2009 maggie boyle

they shud make it free and remove all error for free

Sun, Nov 15, 2009 Jim Denver, CO

Probably a good tool - I really can't say since the only time I used it it did not work. HOWEVER, their customer service and support is TERRIBLE!!! It took me almost a full week of sending emails to all their executive team in order to get a refund. Good products are one thing, but if the company can't provide customer service, I'll go elsewhere.

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