Windows XP to Go One More Round?

Possible Windows XP Reloaded to follow mid-year release of XP SP2.

Depending upon whom you ask, Longhorn is due in 2006, or 2007, or who knows. Since major new releases of Windows always take longer than Microsoft and the market expect, there is now talk of an XP revamp. Similar to Windows 98 Second Edition, the update would fill the five to six year gap between XP and Longhorn.

Microsoft opened the door to such talk with public concessions that it is “considering” releasing Windows XP Reloaded sometime after the security focused Windows XP Service Pack 2 launches in mid-2004. Microsoft hasn’t listed possible features for this possible XP release.

Some worry that any work on XP will take away from Longhorn, delaying its release further. However, a modest update could be handled by those responsible for maintenance releases, keeping Longhorn on track.

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Sun, Mar 28, 2004 Kenneth Anonymous

Well, they're going to take a Windows XP install disk and then slipstream the newest service pack... Then charge for it as it was a newer edition??? Funny. This is the usual "includes SP x.x" install CD that we're accustomed to see from the Win2K era, but packaged as a new version... how nice!

What they should do is to release a "reloaded CD" with all the bells and whistles for home users, and a serious, stable, only-patches-added service pack (without "new capabilities" or "new licenses" or even "new backdoors") for us who have to take charge of the computing environments as our daily jobs.

Heh... Now that almost anything can be registered as a trademark (think about this: you have a lot of windows in your home, but Microsoft is the owner of theat common word now) then it could be fun to watch the Wachowsky brothers (of Matrix fame) as they sue M$ because of the "reloaded" name (they could use *exactly* the same excuses M$ is using against

BTW: been hating Linux for a long time. Then found one CD carefully assembled by a computer genius called Stopped hating Linux and is now part of our infrastucture.


Sat, Mar 27, 2004 Larry Anonymous

Well this is what it comes down to folks
A)Longhorn doesn't exist - it is Vapor.
B)Windows Server 2003 is $800 Cheapest.
C)Every other Version of "Windows" Sucks & is inferior.
D)Linux - Oh Please what a Peice of Crap
Those guys must be smoking CRACK!!!
E) Windows XP SP-2 is what Windows XP SHOULD HAVE BEEN - But AS USUAL Microsoft released a Pre-Mature version on to the Market in 2001 and Now is trying to make up for it with thier Lovely Marketing Moves ("Reloaded" - Please - give me a break - I would also like to SLAP the people that came up with "Home" & "Professional" & ".NET")

But on the Upside this should be the most solid Release of "Windows" ever - Stability & Crazy Multi-Media Features & Hopefully Real Security - Now lets see if Micro$oft keeps the Price @ $150 (Which is the Retail Price of Win XP Pro) - if they Charge $200 Or $250 of something - We just might have a RIOT on our hands!!!!

I Saw all of this (What Micro$oft would end up doing - Beware "Widows Update 5.0" comes with SP2 so its the Automatic Patch Routine forever & Ever) coming a LONG TIME AGO - I am just REALLY SUPRISED it took them THIS LONG to finally DO IT - UNREAL!!!!!!

Sat, Mar 27, 2004 Steve Los Angeles

M$ will keep doing this, and dumb humans (which account for about 80% of the 6 Billion people on earth) will keep buying it. It makes me laugh, WinME (the buggiest OS ever) had only one feature that could not be downloaded VIA winupdate for current (at that time) Win98 boxes. This feature of ME was the system restore (found and improved in XP as well). Yet I knew a bunch of mor0ns who had to have the latest and greatest M$ OS (LMFAO)!!! In short, M$ can do this because idiots don't know any better!

Fri, Mar 26, 2004 Sylvester Virginia

Having problems with continous use of my wireless device. Problems with fire walls etc

Fri, Mar 26, 2004 Brandon Iowa

Now that many bugs have been worked out Windows XP, I would pay to upgrade my Windows 2000 boxes to Shorthorn.

Fri, Mar 26, 2004 Eric W. Portland, ME

Perhaps this should be called the "XP Revenue Expansion Pack"! With all the Software Assurance (licensees paying annually for upgrades that don't come annually) up in arms, and Micro$oft realizing that they can't keep their bottom line growing in the meantime (a rule for the stock market), suddenly it becomes obvious why they need to make a Second Edition at cost to customers in lieu of free Service Packs...

Thu, Mar 25, 2004 Bob N Michigan

It would be a great idea for MS to put together an update to WinXP that would include all patches and Service Pack(s) Also some enhanced features would be nice.

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