High-Level Security Exam In Beta

Microsoft puts Exam 70-298 through its paces with beta testers the week of Oct. 6.

Microsoft Learning is expected to beta test Exam 70-298, Designing Security for a Microsoft Windows Server 2003 Network from Oct. 6 to Oct. 10. The exam, numbered 71-298 while in beta, is available for free only to qualified candidates and can be taken at selected Prometric and Pearson Vue testing centers.

Exam 70-298 is a high-level, design-oriented exam that counts toward the prescribed exams under the MCSE: Security specialization. (For related information on the security specializations, see "Microsoft Announces New Version of Security Specialist Titles" in the News Archive, or click here.)

To read the 70-298 exam objectives guide, click here. To read more about taking beta exams, click here.

Microsoft Learning lists a training course for preparing for this security exam, 2830: Designing Security for Microsoft Networks. It's a three-day, instructor-led course that is available at many CTECs worldwide. To read the syllabus, click here.

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Reader Comments:

Thu, May 3, 2007 kalptaru banerjee

hi,i want all the notes that are require for mcse exam

Wed, May 26, 2004 elaheh iran

tell me about high-level security exam

Mon, Oct 20, 2003 Technical Editor Anonymous

75 exams is nothing! My total exams to date is somewhere around 110. I also hold every major computer and networking vendor certification. But you are right--I have no life. :)

Fri, Oct 17, 2003 Anonymous Anonymous

Answer for Alex:
You received the message because they take some time to grade it, you will receive the grade after five or more weeks.

Fri, Oct 17, 2003 Jbedoya Colombia

I agree that the exam is not too hard, however, I felt bored during it reading too long escenarios. It is true that the cases had nuggets useful for answering, however it is also true that some of the questions were easy to answer without reading them. I had the same problem of Pywiak with the tree question that let me only to place one item.

Mon, Oct 13, 2003 ales Anonymous

if i receive the message "tank receive the score after.." its because i do not passed, is it?

Fri, Oct 10, 2003 Pywiak Fort Collins, CO

Just finished this exam on the last day of the beta period. Long, but not nearly as difficult as I was expecting. It consisted of 10 testlets with 3 to 14 questions each (82 question total by my count), with 10 to 37 minutes for each testlet. Very important to read each scenario thoroughly looking for unusual nuggets of data before tackling questions, as many questions had a "standard baseline" correct answer that was incorrect for the scenario. I encountered two testing glitches: a tree placement question with five items to place that would only allow placement of a single item, and a testing application crash that required two attempts by the testing proctor to restart. Once restarted, the exam picked up where it had left off. Overall, it felt easier than 70-220 and 71-214. Your mileage may vary.

Fri, Oct 10, 2003 Marc Anonymous

So (as I expected) the "over qualified" reply from Microsoft is simply an excuse.
Now for the real reason ? ? ? I cannot believe they forget people. Do they have others criteria ?
Marc MCSE:Security, MCDBA, CISSP, GSEC, Security+, CCNA

Fri, Oct 10, 2003 Ed puchot USA

I am usually invited for most of the new Beta tests and i am part of a group of IT who documents manuals and articles for all Microsoft exams i do not comptete taking tests but i have taken so many that i rather not talk about quantities but straight to results (A+,N+,Inet+,Unix+, Server+ MCSE+ Security,MCDBA, RHCT , CCNA , CCNP . i am disappointed by not being invited i am no t going to contact anybody but i would like you to know that if you were not invited just continue working and studying hard , Slautations My collegues !!

Thu, Oct 9, 2003 jedanoviz Argentina

75 exams passed! That's incredible! Does anybody have more???
I agree that the 90 questions-4 hours beta exams are too long... !!! You get out of the testing room exhausted!

Thu, Oct 9, 2003 thomas Anonymous

75 M$ exams... what in the world are you thinking!? You know, there are other exams out there... or for that matter, other things to do than play with computers... like dating or something... good lord!!!

Thu, Oct 9, 2003 win us

i am getting asked to do a lot of the beta's, i did a few but i am done giving away 4 hours of my time for free, so now i do not take beta tests

Thu, Oct 9, 2003 Alex Anonymous

18 exams, 2 MCSE, 2MCSD, MCDBA, CISSP, GCWN - got this exam invitations.
They did miss me few times. When reminded - sent invitation few days after beta period. So "overqualified" is not a case.
The exam is very long and tough (beta) - reminded me 70-240 and beta of 70-100.

Wed, Oct 8, 2003 Technical Editor Anonymous

I received an invitation and I have passed 75 Microsoft exams.

Tue, Oct 7, 2003 Marc Anonymous

I have not been invited for this beta. When I ask the reason, they (MCPhelp) told me that I could be "over qualified".
Can you believe that !
Indeed 16 MCPs gave me MCSE & MCSA:Security and MCSE & MCSA on W2k & W2k3

Sat, Oct 4, 2003 santos pr

i tkae the test today and was long 10 desings was placed.

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