Windows .NET Exams in Pipeline

Microsoft is on schedule to release its Windows .NET exams at about the same time the products themselves are released-whenever that is.

As of press time, Microsoft was still aiming for March 31 for the release to manufacturing of Windows .NET Server, the next version of Windows 2000 Server, with a general availability of April 15. As with all Microsoft products, those deadlines are subject to revision, especially in light of the recent memo from Bill Gates to all Microsoft employees putting a new emphasis on security.

Anne Marie McSweeney, Microsoft's director of certification skills and assessment, told Microsoft Certified Professional Magazine that the company will "try to get the [.NET] exams out as close to the release of the product as we can.

"It's a high priority for us," McSweeney continued. "The effort's huge to us." She said that the bottleneck to exam release tends to be technical resources required to build the new tests. She said to expect the new roster sometime in the "calendar year."

Microsoft has previously announced that .NET server exams can be mixed and matched with Win2K and Windows XP tests to achieve the MCSE credential. The .NET tests Microsoft has listed on its certification site include: 70-275, Installing, Configuring and Administering Windows .NET Server; 70-276, Implementing and Administering a Windows .NET Server Network Infrastructure; and 70-277, Implementing and Administering a Windows .NET Server Directory Services Infrastructure.

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Reader Comments:

Thu, Jan 16, 2003 MCSEGURU Dallas, Texas

The MCSE 2000 Track will not expire. There will though, be an upgrade test presented just as it was for the NT 4.0 Engineers. Do not scare, MCSE, and the MCSA together are all for the better, but with out taking the 70-218 test for the MCSA this will be one more test for the .NET certification status.

Fri, Jan 10, 2003 Thomas New Mexico

I want to believe MS is doing this to better the integrity of there exams. I now hold a MCSA and a test away from MCSE however I don't know if I should bother I might start concentrating only on Cisco.

Mon, Dec 30, 2002 Expire MCSE 2000??? Asia

I have a question from all reader.
I study for MCSE and I`ll give my exams for MCSE 2000 erelong.
But I wanna know:
will MCSE2000 expire???
please send me email to answer.

Fri, Dec 6, 2002 Babu Zachariah Houston

More MFST tricks and marketing. I just one more exam to get my MCSA and now the new .NET track. There is no life after work and study.

Thu, Dec 5, 2002 Mohamed Egypt

i finished 2 exams in my MCSA and still 2 to go ..i think i have wated my time........ohh i think in 2004 there will be another different tracks from the .NET tracks .

Wed, Dec 4, 2002 ossama egypt

this is great i am now studing mcsa trake and should after i finish to get more test to be certified on .NET what MS doing with us to upgrade is a good thing put to force ex-certified to pay the same fee is not fare you must find a compromize to make the situation in all hands i sugest that give the people who certified a period of time untill they are able to upgrade

Wed, Dec 4, 2002 Anonymous USA

Unreal. So I guess the plan was to fool people in to taking the 2k tests then announce the .net track. I should have known. Im so glad I didnt take the 2k track.

Wed, Dec 4, 2002 John UK

No I dont think its worth it! I had just two more exams left to get Windows 2000 MCSE and now I just think why bother?

Wed, Dec 4, 2002 Anonymous Anonymous

I thought I had achieved MCSA status yesterday only to discover I will now need to take W2K desktop exam as I took the XP exam. Is it worth it??

Wed, Dec 4, 2002 Anonymous Anonymous

Great! More MSFT BS! MSFT said the .net and 2k were too similar to warrant 2 separate tracks. Now they pull a switcheroo and say they are different tracks. Thanks for wasting my time and money with lies.

Fri, Feb 8, 2002 Tahir Abbas SOFTNET Faisalabad Pakistan

Is Windows .NET exams just like W2k exam or simulation type. Microsoft should only check the student skills/concepts according to their nature of job and living area.

Sun, Feb 3, 2002 dhirendra kochi

pleasee, let us inform when the next exam of .net is going to be held and in which place

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