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  • The Changing Role of Backup and Secondary Storage

    The role of backup and secondary storage is changing in the data center. Hyperconverged infrastructures are influencing secondary storage and backup for the better, and you can see for yourself how integrating Nutanix and Veeam deliver increased business results.

  • Veeam + Nutanix = Simplifying Availability and Scale

    The popularity of hyperconverged infrastructure and cloud-based protection has changed the data protection landscape. But one thing hasn’t changed: The pressure on IT teams to meet service level agreements (SLAs). Improving SLAs for data and applications is now a top data protection mandate from IT leadership, according to 34% of ESG survey respondents. And 46% of those respondents say they believe the cloud provides the best level of recoverability. It’s likely a reason a hybrid cloud is now the “de facto model of choice”: Hybrid offers an IT organization the best of both worlds.

  • Get prepared for the Microsoft Azure Administrator Certification Exam

    Microsoft Azure Administrator Certification Exam measures your skill set in provisioning and managing an Azure environment with a focus on Azure subscription management, compute, storage, networking and identity. The AZ‑103 exam replaces the AZ‑100 and AZ‑101 exams, thereby simplifying your journey to become a certified Azure Administrator Associate.

  • Top 5 Ways to Simplify Data Protection with Microsoft Azure

    Read this white paper to find out five ways that you can simplify data protection with Microsoft Azure.

  • Veeam + Microsoft Combine to Offer Rapid Time to Value

    IDC estimates that more than 70% of organizations have a cloud-first application deployment strategy to align with digital transformation initiatives. As such, many organizations are transitioning to Microsoft Office 365 and utilizing public clouds such as Microsoft Azure.

  • Democratized DR with Veeam Availability Orchestrator v2

    Join Veeam® for a webinar that details new features included in NEW Veeam Availability Orchestrator v2, a reliable, scalable and easy-to-use orchestration engine that's purpose built for business continuity/disaster recovery (BC/DR). This webinar will include an overview of Veeam Availability Orchestrator, what’s new in v2 and a live demo

  • 4 Critical Benefits of Automating Disaster Recovery

    Applications must be recoverable quickly and reliably in order to support 24x7x365 business functions. However, today’s modern applications are more complex, distributed and interdependent, making a successful and timely recovery of even a single application challenging.

  • Veeam and AWS avengers: Infinity war for the cloud tier

    The new Veeam® cloud tier makes it easier than ever to ensure your long-term archival on object storage will be very smooth and won’t cost you a fortune. Choose between AWS Amazon S3, Azure Blob, IBM Cloud Object Storage or S3-compatible storage to avoid vendor lock-ins associated with secondary storage appliances and store data in the cloud without double charges.

  • Veeam and AWS avengers: Guardians of recovery

    In a world where organizations desperately want to avoid lock-ins, data portability is critical to maintain speed and control over the environment. To do this, you can leverage the AWS cloud as an additional location for your hybrid data center or as on-demand recovery site. There’s no need to build or maintain a costly physical recovery site — you can backup anything anywhere and restore directly to AWS.

  • 5 Ways to Optimize Your AWS Spending

    Get the most out of your AWS investment. Migrating to AWS is a smart move for business continuity but as you scale your cloud environment, visibility and tracking your usage is critical to getting the most out of your spend. The following quick tips provide you with five strategic ways to keep an eye on your AWS spend and how to maximize your budget.

  • Is Your Data Safe in an IaaS Public Cloud?

    Can your business afford the revenue and productivity loss associated with technology outages? In a hyper-competitive market, few businesses can. Many IT professionals expect to address the problem of business downtime simply by moving workloads to the cloud because they assume their cloud provider replicates customer data within their cloud centers as a matter of course. But in truth, your cloud provider has limited ability to protect your data. Most cloud providers assume responsibility only for the underlying infrastructure. Such backup procedures aren’t designed as an adequate means to protect your data in the event of an outage or disaster. Read this white paper to understand your business’s responsibility for data protection in the cloud.

  • Password Filtering and Hardening with Enzoic for Active Directory

    Read this Solution Spotlight to find out about technology that can protect your organization from weak and compromised passwords by comparing users’ passwords against commonly used, expected, or compromised password lists on the Dark Web.

  • Taking Control of Your Office 365 Data

    Commissioned by Veeam, this NEW, easy-to-read analyst report by 451 Research provides an unbiased view of the importance of backing up of your Microsoft Office 365 data.

  • 5 Major Threats to Online Travel and Hospitality and How to Stop them

    Airline seats and hotel rooms are perishable products. Bot and Magecart attacks on the travel industry can result in millions of dollars in lost revenue and chargebacks. In all cases, what makes a travel and booking website attractive to customers will also make a site ripe for both competitive and malicious threats. Read this whitepaper to learn about: The expected impact of bot attacks against travel and hospitality websites and mobile apps; the five major online threats to the travel and hospitality industry; best practices to proactively address bot attacks and malicious code injections.

  • Six Reasons to Consider the Cloud Service Provider Program Before Signing an Enterprise Agreement

    Read this Digital Dialogue to find out why Microsoft’s Cloud Solution Provider (CSP) model offers “the power of choice” because it lets you budget IT as an operating expense and includes most Microsoft products now.

  • API Security White Paper

    This whitepaper describes the modern API Security landscape, and how to effectively leverage OAuth 2.0 and API Gateways for authentication and authorization from both the infrastructure and software development mindset.

  • CMS Case Study

    The Centers for Medicare and Medicaid Services (CMS) needed to design an information-gathering process that ensured the best providers received the greatest benefits. The team took an API-first approach, connecting to clinical data registries that already collect information about healthcare quality and outcomes. Read a case study to learn why they chose Okta API Access Management and how it allows CMS developers to focus on streamlining the provider experience, while Okta securely controls access to relevant websites and APIs.

  • API Security White Paper

    This whitepaper describes the modern API Security landscape, and how to effectively leverage OAuth 2.0 and API Gateways for authentication and authorization from both the infrastructure and software development mindset.

  • API Security Infographic

    Recent data breaches reported by major enterprises have made it clear that APIs are an increasingly-popular attack vector for hackers. This rising trend has a lot to do with how APIs traditionally grow and evolve within companies. View this infographic to understand the lifecycle of an API and what to do next.

  • Digital Dialogue: Hyperconvergence: What It Is, ROI Considerations and Best Practices

    Read this Digital Dialogue based on the three-part webinar covering what hyperconvergence is and why it matters, how to determine ROI, and expert tips for successful implementation and avoiding gotchas.