How VDI Can Drive Disruptive Innovation

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New applications derived from new technologies, processes, and data are at the core of innovation that is disrupting industries. Users are demanding access to their apps and data from any device of choice at any time and any place to disrupt competitors. Developers are demanding access to services that will allow them to release their apps to market faster with more features and less bugs. They don’t care about what’s underneath – that’s just someone else’s systems and someone else’s problem. Business leaders are demanding availability, agility, and scalability of apps and services that deliver positive bottom-line results. And CxOs leaders want it all with no excuses, no disruption.

How can IT continuously integrate and continuously deliver all of that without being disrupted themselves? Well, VDI has long been a solution for enabling productivity, reducing cost and complexity, and centralizing security. But what does VDI have to do with disruptive innovation?

As long as an IT organization successfully delivers VDI while maintaining the rigor and discipline of the CIO’s SLA – security, lean, and agility, they can realize the full innovative potential of their organization and end-users versus being disrupted by them. Watch this webinar to see how HCI and EUC leaders, Nutanix and Citrix, enable disruptive innovation with VDI from on-premises to Citrix Cloud.

Viewers will learn the following:

  1. What is the CIO’s SLA?
  2. How does Nutanix and Citrix VDI deliver the CIO’s SLA to enable disruptive innovation?
  3. Examples of Nutanix and Citrix customers driving innovation with VDI.

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