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  • CEO Fraud - Prevention Manual

    CEO fraud is responsible for over $3 billion in losses. Don’t be next. The CEO Fraud Prevention Manual provides a thorough overview of how executives are compromised, how to prevent such an attack and what to do if you become a victim. Read on.

  • Drive to a Successful Windows 10 Migration

    Read this paper to learn how the Lenovo Services approach provides for a successful transition that embraces the capabilities of Windows 10, and addresses gaps that exist in the Microsoft processes. Learn more.

  • Is the Future of Enterprise Security in Managed Services?

    Given this threat landscape, IT teams are beginning to rethink the traditional do-it-yourself (DIY) approach in which every security challenge is handled in-house. Considering the breadth of security solutions most enterprises need today, the average IT organization doesn’t have the physical, financial, or human capital resources needed to effectively manage all of them. A side effect of this DIY approach is the tendency of IT to hyper-focus on specialized security solutions and technologies rather than on how best to manage risk. Learn more.

  • Debunking the Top Four Myths About DDOS Attacks

    DDoS attacks seem to constantly be in the news, continually evolving and growing in complexity. You may have heard about the big, volumetric attacks that took down Donald Trump’s campaign website and Brazilian government sites during the Olympics. But while volumetric attacks still reign supreme, there are other, more insidious, low-level DDoS attacks that can also damage your site, your applications, and your business. If you think you’re ready for a DDoS attack—or that you don’t need to worry about one—make sure you’re not buying into some of these popular myths. Learn more.

  • DDoS Protection Strategies: Choosing the Right Model

    By thinking proactively about DDoS defense, organizations can build a comprehensive strategy to mitigate attacks. Choosing from on-premises security devices, cloud-scrubbing services, and a hybrid approach to DDoS protection allows organizations to customize their security strategy to their application architecture and business needs. Learn more.

  • Beat Ransomware in 5 Easy Steps

    The threat from ransomware continues to grow and has become so prolific that it is no longer a question of “if” you are going to get hit, but when. A solid backup vendor and process is the only protection from an attack, but not all backup vendors completely solve the issue. Get a playbook of five steps organizations should use to protect themselves from the excessive downtime, data loss and business disruption of a ransomware attack. Read on.

  • IT Resilience: The Evolved Approach to a $700B Downtime Problem

    First there was Data Backup and Recovery. Then there was Disaster Recovery as a Service (DRaaS). This White Paper defines the evolving next innovation in business protection – IT Resilience (ITR) – and why it’s growing more important to organizations struggling to protect their data and operations from downtime. Learn more.

  • Myth vs. Reality: What You Need to Know About Microsoft Office 365 Backup (ebook)

    Read our eBook to learn how to broaden your backup and recovery plan to include purpose built protection for Microsoft Office 365. Learn more.

  • DCIG 2016-17 Integrated Backup Appliance Buyer's Guide

    This Buyer’s Guide highlights the most robust and feature rich integrated backup appliances available on the market today. Learn more!

  • DCIG 2016-17 Hybrid Cloud Backup Appliance Buyer’s Guide

    This Buyer's Guide evaluates the full range purpose-built backup appliance product capabilities, including features that enable the long-term retention of backups in the cloud and even application recovery in the cloud. Learn more.

  • How to Choose The Right Network Monitoring Solution

    Monitoring your network is key to ensuring a high functioning IT infrastructure. Read the Paessler whitepaper now to learn how to choose the right monitoring solution for your organization. Learn more.

  • Continuous Delivery at Amelco using Ansible Tower

    Experience efficiency in multi-environment management with no downtime with Ansible Tower just like London-based, software company Amelco. "Ansible Tower Enterprise is a critical part of our infrastructure. With Tower there is no downtime and we can easily schedule Ansible playbooks to run when we want." - Yves Soete, Amelco

  • OpenStack Storage for Dummies

    OpenStack Storage for Dummies outlines OpenStack and Ceph basics, configuration best practices for OpenStack and Ceph together, and why Red Hat Ceph Storage is great for your enterprise. OpenStack is scale‐out technology that needs scale‐out storage to succeed. Red Hat Ceph Storage is a software‐defined storage solution that provides this scale‐out capability with an extensible architecture that integrates more tightly with OpenStack than traditional storage solutions. Read on.

  • Digital Transformation in the US

    The technologies and processes that businesses deploy today are so tightly linked to their customers and markets that the boundary between the company's internal operations and external ecosystem (i.e., customers, markets, competitors, partners, regulators) is rapidly disappearing. Business leaders are challenged to “digitally transform” their enterprises by combining digital technologies with organizational, operational, and business model innovation to succeed. Learn more in this info brief.

  • What’s New in Active Directory

    While Active Directory (AD) has been around since Windows 2000 Server, Microsoft has continued to make adjustments and introduce features in newer Windows Server releases, especially in Windows Server 2012. What’s New in Active Directory 2016 covers different AD features and the requirements to enable them. Read now!

  • 9 Critical Flaws in Active Directory Auditing

    Read this paper for learn the answer to the frequently asked question IT professionals have to face: Why do we need a third party solution to audit Active Directory? Learn more.

  • Three Key Considerations in Securing the Software-Defined Data Center

    Read this white paper to learn key elements of an end-to-end solution such as Intel Security, which allows you to combine leading protection technologies, threat intelligence sharing, security policy orchestration, and targeted attack detection. Learn more.

  • A Guide to Private Cloud Security

    Read this e-book from Intel for an overview of private cloud models, the underlying technologies that enable successful deployments and the security challenges—and benefits—of deploying a private cloud. Read more!

  • Cloud Apps Data Protection: How to Backup Office 365

    Office® 365 is extremely popular, but even though it has built-in data protection capabilities, it is still not safe from common data loss incidents. That’s why a backup solution for Office 365 isn’t just nice to have, it’s essential. Read more!

  • Building Trust in a Cloudy Sky

    Read this report to learn about security concerns as cloud infrastructure is maturing, moving from vague fears about breaches to detailed issues including consistently configuring and enforcing security policies, and controlling identity and access.