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  • Avoid the Hidden Costs of AD FS with Okta

    Many companies believe Active Directory Federation Services (AD FS) is the best choice for applications to integrate with AD. After all, both Active Directory and AD FS are from Microsoft and AD FS is 'free,' so that should be the best choice, right? Learn more.

  • Three Ways to Integrate Active Directory with Your SaaS Applications

    The adoption rate of Software as a Service (SaaS) applications has been dramatic. Trials of applications like, WebEx, or NetSuite have transitioned into enterprise-wide deployments, and many organizations have adopted a "SaaS first" policy. Learn more.

  • Adaptive Multi-Factor Authentication

    Download this white paper and read how organizations with Oka Adaptive MFA can have enterprise-grade security with a great user experience. Learn more.

  • Top 8 Identity and Access Management Challenges with Your SaaS Applications

    This white paper presents the eight biggest identity and access management (IAM) challenges associated with adopting and deploying cloud and SaaS applications, and discusses best practices for addressing each of them. Learn more.

  • Top 5 Reasons to Automate Identity Lifecycle

    This white paper goes into detail on the top 5 reasons to automate identity lifecycle and identity administration with comprehensive user provisioning and build a solid foundation for future cloud-first, mobile-first IT. Learn more.

  • Directory Integration with Okta

    For most companies, Active Directory (AD) or LDAP and plays the central role in coordinating identity and access management policies. Directory integration typically serves as a "source of truth" for user identities, and it provides access control to on-premises resources such as networks, file servers, and web applications. A byproduct of the transition to cloud applications is the proliferation of separate user stores; each cloud application typically is rolled out independently and therefore has its own unique database of user credentials. Learn more.

  • The Definitive Guide to Office 365 Security

    Read this paper to find out what has been learned from working with over 500 enterprises to securely enable cloud services that drive business success, including how to enhance the security of Office 365. Learn more.

  • Office 365 Adoption & Risk Report

    Read this research report to find out more about Office 365 migration including Microsoft’s land and expand strategy, consumption by application and industry, insider threats and compromised accounts, and business-critical data storage issues. Learn more.

  • Ensuring Seamless Collaboration and Higher Productivity With Microsoft Office 365

    Read this white paper to learn about tools and services that Microland, a preferred Microsoft Cloud Solution Provider, offers to ensure successful implementation of Office 365 and streamline migration. Learn more.

  • Governing GPOs with a Layered Security Framework

    Discover how GPOs can be abused or exploited when the proper security controls aren’t in place, and how to implement a layered security architecture that allows you to detect, alert and prevent unauthorized access to GPOs. Read the white paper. Learn more.

  • Managing the Insider Threat with Active Directory Security

    Insider threats are often lurking around your Active Directory, but do you know how to counter them effectively? Learn how threats typically unfold and best practices for minimizing the risk they pose to your organization and protecting your AD. Learn more.

  • That Dreaded Day: Active Directory Disasters & Solutions for Preventing Them

    An Active Directory disaster is inevitable. This paper presents five AD disaster case studies and how they might have been prevented or repaired faster with proper planning and tools. Learn more.

  • Designing a Multilayered, In-Depth Defense Approach to AD Security

    This new white paper discusses the logical and administrative security layers you must recognize to safeguard your AD environment against the non-stop threats it faces. Get your copy today. Learn more.

  • Azure Active Directory and Office 365 Security — Don’t Let Your On-Premises AD Be Your Achilles' Heel

    If your on-premises Active Directory environment isn’t secure, neither is Office 365 and Azure. In this white paper, discover best practices to improve hybrid directory security. Get your copy today. Learn more.

  • Auditing Privileged Operations and Mailbox Access in Office

    In this new white paper, learn best practices to protect and audit Exchange Online data within Office 365 – and how to easily answer the tough auditing questions. Learn more.

  • Understanding Security and Privileged Access in Azure Active Directory

    If your organization uses Office 365, or many of the other Microsoft cloud service, then you have Azure Active Directory. And just like on-premises Active Directory (AD), Azure AD is the heart and soul of security for Office 365, Azure – including virtual machines and other Azure AD-integrated cloud services. In this webinar, presented by Randy Franklin Smith, you will learn about the security features of Azure AD, and how to identify and mitigate risks. Learn more.

  • Keeping Active Directory Healthy and Fine Tuned

    Discover the best ways to optimize your AD. Learn about the strengths and limitations of native tools, critical components and services to monitor and beneficial third-party solutions.Learn more.

  • IAM for the Real World: Access Management

    Access is usually the highest priority when taking on IAM challenges, but how do you do it most effectively? In this e-book, you’ll discover: today’s key challenges for effective access management; the most common identity administration principles; the significant benefits that can come from getting to one identity. Learn more.

  • Identity and Access Management for the Real World: The Fundamentals

    This short e-book “Identity and Access Management for the Real World” evaluates what IAM for the real world would, should and can look like, including best practices. It delves into the most pressing identity management and access management issues faced by virtually every organization and offers actionable, affordable and sustainable best practices for the IAM challenges you face. Learn more.

  • Fast Track Your IAM Project with Business Agility

    Discover how the right identity and access management (IAM) solution can help you solve today’s security threats while adding business value by increasing operational agility. Learn more.