ESG Economic Value Analysis Understand the true economic benefits of choosing the right Availability solution

IT must deliver Availability 24.7.365 for a demanding enterprise ecosystem. Business requirements today are simple. Yet, simple is not always easy, especially when an organization is not highly-virtualized.

Through extensive research conducted by ESG, the analysis presented in this report will help organizations determine relative costs and benefits when comparing Veeam® Availability Suite to legacy alternatives.

Key findings from the analysis:

  • Moving from typical legacy solutions to Veeam within a virtualized enterprise environment yields an estimated 247% ROI over a 3-year period, with a 15-month payback period.
  • Total cost of ownership (TCO) is reduced by more than $650,000, while adding business value, chiefly in the form of increased asset availability, in the $2 million range.

Download this report today to view the full economic analysis, and then contact a Veeam Availability Advisor to receive your own complimentary ROI analysis.