July 1999 - 4th Annual Salary Survey (1999)

Your Net Worth


System Savvy: The Compaq Certification

Stand apart from your peers by adding the Compaq Accredited Systems Engineer title to your MCSE.

Dumpster Diving

Great things come in small packages. Take this free NT data dump utility as an example.

Ready, Set, Drive!

From RAID and FAT to FDISK and Disk Administrator, here’s everything you need to know about hard disks and partitioning.

Systems Engineering: Pushing Software with SMS Installer

Get more work done. Use SMS Installer for mundane admin tasks like software installation. Your challenge: getting comfortable with scripting.

Salary Surveys

Analyze This!

How should you read the salary survey numbers?

Salary is Just One Perk of Certification

Hidden beneath the salary survey numbers are additional important facts, including the non-monetary perks of certification.

Where Do You Fit in Reality?

This magazine's salary survey once again threatens to undermine employee-management relationships everywhere, unless we look at it for what it is: a survey.

Exam Reviews

SMS 2.0 Behind the Scenes

There's no substitute for hands-on experience with SMS. Plan on spending lots of lab time to prepare.

Professionally Speaking

Keep Your Top Talent Loyal

Got good people? Want more? So does everyone else in your business. Here are suggestions from a manager on how to convince your top technical staff to stick around.

Security Advisor

Concealed Weapons

True network protection could mean thinking and acting like a hacker. As an NT administrator, here are your weapons of choice.

Windows Insider

All Broken Up

NTFS is designed to be efficient, but it isn’t foolproof. To avoid seriously fragmented disks, you’ll need careful planning and regular maintenance.

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