The Internet: Better than Fish?

Fish is supposed to be brain food, and as you can tell I'm more of a chicken and hot dogs kind of guy. But the Internet might also be good for the old noggin. University of California researchers believe surfing the Web improves brain function, particularly "complex reasoning" and decision-making.

This is counter to the specious claims by Nick Carr that Google makes you stupid. Carr's argument is that the instant gratification of the Web shortens our attention span. At least I think that's what he said. I lost interest after skimming the first three paragraphs.

This whole song and dance has also been made about video games, but it has become clear to me that video games improve hand/eye coordination and problem solving. It is also clear that my kids have far better hand/eye coordination and problem-solving abilities. It's either video games or they are just smarter.

A Virtual Winner
Gartner is now backing up what we at Redmond have been saying for over a year: Virtualization is the most strategic and important technology. According to the Gartner gurus, virtualization is cool because you "can virtualize just about everything."

Hmmm. Maybe this is why we've already launched Virtualization Review magazine, a newsletter, Web site and blog!

Oh, and I'm pretty sure we talked about you "can virtualize just about everything."

On March 31, 2008, Virtualization Review Editor Keith Ward wrote about virtualizing storage, PCs, applications, desktops and I/O. Don't believe me? Read it for yourself.

As far as Gartner goes, there's no charge. We're just glad you finally agree!

Windows 7 Blog is Back
In mid-August Microsoft launched the "Engineering Windows 7" blog designed to let OEMs, ISVs and customers learn about the thinking behind Windows 7, and hopefully participate in its ultimate design. For a while the site lay dormant. But like a butterfly larva, eventually real content emerged and the blog has now truly spread its wings.

If you are interested in the philosophy of interface design and the intricacies of high-def graphics, this is the site for you. If you want to find out anything concrete about what Windows 7 is and when it will ship, you're best off surfing elsewhere.

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