Tech-Ed: Microsoft Executive Keynote

Bob Muglia, Microsoft's senior vice president for the Server and Tools Business, launched Tech-Ed IT Professional today by building on the "Heroes Happen Here" theme associated with the launch of Windows Server 2008 earlier this year. (You can watch a video of his keynote here.)

Interoperability played a key role in Muglia's talk. Using Windows Communication Foundation, Muglia showed that Web services could be used to integrate application components, even those on non-Microsoft systems. He hosted a demonstration that included tying together components from Windows and Linux systems, emphasizing the ability of Windows to interoperate within the enterprise environment.

Then Muglia shifted the focus to virtualization, noting that the Hyper-V management console was built entirely using PowerShell, which demonstrates the power and flexibility of the Microsoft scripting language. He also emphasized application virtualization using SoftGrid technology, both as a vehicle for seamlessly delivering applications without installation, and as a way of hosting older applications that aren't compatible with your current environment.

Muglia also hosted a demo of Microsoft Identity Lifecycle Manager 2, for which the company announced the availability of beta 3. Identity Lifecycle Manager 2 provides features for individual user management, credential management, group management and server policy management.

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Symantec Brings Storage Management to Virtualization
Today at Tech-Ed Symantec announced Veritas Virtual Infrastructure, a storage management solution for the Citrix XenServer virtualization environment.

This product serves the needs of IT pros who find it a challenge to map physical storage to large numbers of VMs. In particular, Veritas Virtual Infrastructure enables IT to more easily provision storage across the virtual environment, and to manage that storage from a single console.

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Special Operations Software Announces New Password Policy Release
Also at Tech-Ed today, Special Operations Software announced Specops Password Policy 3.0, a flexible way to manage multiple password policies from a single console.

It integrates with Active Directory to understand and manage group policies that are already defined, and can also be used to define new policies. Specops Password Policy 3.0 supports Windows Server 2008, and provides the ability to use regular expressions to define policies. It also interoperates with Specops Password Reset to help reset expired passwords.

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