Eight Security Patches Today

Microsoft has released a total of eight security patches today, affecting Office, Windows and Internet Explorer.

One of the critical Windows updates affects every version of the operating system, including the just-released service pack 1 for Vista and the new server operating system, Windows Server 2008. In addition, one of the two critical updates for IE will address issues in IE 7. Visio and Project also received important updates.

It's interesting that both Windows Server 2008 and Vista SP1 have critical patches. Clearly, it pays to wait on new Microsoft releases. Have you installed Server 2008 or Vista SP1 yet? Let me know at [email protected].

Microsoft To Go Hostile?
It looks like Microsoft's unsolicited bid for Yahoo is about to go hostile, with Redmond threatening to take the decision to the shareholders in a proxy fight. Yahoo has once again turned down the offer, opening up the next stage of the game.

Here's how this works: Microsoft tenders an offer to the Yahoo shareholders. If enough shareholders accept, Microsoft may become a controlling shareholder. Even if it doesn't obtain a majority of the shares, a strong minority can give it the power to pressure management to cede control.

It's a dangerous tactic to take with a software company, where the value rests largely with the talent. Do you think Microsoft can win Yahoo? And if it does, do you think employees will stick around? Tell me your opinion at [email protected].

The Largest Music Retailer Is...Apple?
We all knew that the Apple iTunes store did great business, but apparently it's done well enough to become the world's largest music retailer. While the numbers vary slightly depending on how sales are counted, iTunes seems to have edged out Wal-Mart for the title.

When I bought my first Mac in 1984, Apple was a popular but niche hardware company with an interesting operating system. More than 20 years later, it's morphed into a new media retailer. Such a transformation of any company can only be described as staggering.

Does anyone remember Musicland? Tower Records? Records in general? Or am I dating myself? Tell me what to do with my old LPs at [email protected]dmag.com.

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