SQL Server 2005: SP1 Already?

It seems like only yesterday when Microsoft shipped SQL Server 2005 (it was at the end of last year), and already Microsoft is talking up new features, new versions and its first service pack.

SP1, due any day, will include database mirroring and a simplified management option, Studio Express. Microsoft is also building a small footprint version, SQL Server Everywhere Edition.

It's That Time Again...
Wiggle your toes, Patchketeers, for today is the second Tuesday of the month. You know what that means: There's going to be a special patch. Well, we're actually talking about at least five patches, one of which is for a "major" IE flaw -- no big surprise there!

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An Over-Aggressive Filter Is Worse Than No Spam Filter
Verizon thought it was doing customers a favor with its tough-as-nails spam filter. But when customers started complaining that mail from legitimate sources (in my case, mistresses, bookies, hit men, parents and bosses were all being blocked), Verizon loosened its settings, and the legal department prepped refunds for customers. The filter didn't just block based on subject lines or keywords, but blocked mail wholesale from entire geographic areas (if your mistress was from Asia, forget about it!).

Affected consumers can be compensated up to a whopping $28 -- after they fill out piles of paperwork. I'd rather just get my mail, thank you.

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