On Demand

Planning for the Inevitable: Ransomware recovery at scale

Hear from Matt Crape what organizations need to do today to ensure they are protected from disaster tomorrow.

Building recovery resilience with immutable best practices

Veeam partners with over 22 different vendors that offer immutability. How do you know which one is the right one for you and fits the needs of the organization? Join Emilee Telez in this session and find out more.

Remote Workforce & Microsoft Teams Summit

Join the editors of Redmondmag.com will bring together independent experts to walk you through what's new in Microsoft Teams for remote workforce management plus best practices you need to know surrounding management, security and recovery.

Top Microsoft Teams Remote Workforce Best Practices

To learn various best practices that you can implement as a way of helping your users to work more efficiently in Microsoft Teams.

2023 Ransomware Recovery Summit: Keynote: How I would hack you and how to stop me

It only takes 1 email, a 30 second call, or 1 social media DM for her to hack you and gain access to your money and data or infect your systems with ransomware. Meet Rachel Tobac, who executes these social engineering attacks for a living and uses her real‑life ethical hacking stories to keep organizations up to date on the methods criminals are using to trick people and the actions you can take to prevent a cybersecurity disaster before it strikes.

A CISO Perspective about Cyber Priorities and Keeping Your Business Running After Disaster

Join Veeam Product Manager Chris Hoff as he has a fireside chat with Veeam CISO Gil Vega to discuss what cyber threats are on the top of Gil’s CISO list in 2023, advice he’d give to technical teams to have informed conversations with their CISOs about disaster recovery and his top tips for building a security‑first mindset at your company.

Building Resilient Data Protection: Immutability for Ransomware Defense

Find out from Tony Liau why immutability must be an integral part of your data protection strategy and learn how to make sure your backups are immutable.

Leveraging BaaS & DRaaS to remain resilient and recover quickly

Many organizations don't know what options are available to recover from a ransomware attack. In this session, Matt Kalmenson will discuss how an as‑a‑service model can help you meet the unique needs of your business.

Be the hero with orchestrated recovery

Learn directly from our expert Tim Smith how to adopt strategies to automate recovery and make sure you are ready to be a recovery hero.

Coffee Talk: Digital Transformation & AIOps: The Future of IT

In this session, we’ll examine the growth of AIOps, discussing not only how it can be applied to accelerate improvement to networks, but also how cautious humans can assure that it remains under control and positively productive.

The Future is XDR: How to Conquer the SOC Transformation

Organizations are quickly catching on to the value of XDR as a must-have solution for successful SOC transformations. Embrace a secure future and stay ahead of malicious threats with SentinelOne Singularity XDR.

Coffee Talk: The Future of Unified Communications & Teams

In this session, Senior Resultant Howard M. Cohen takes on this excellent challenge and talks about the future UC developments he sees as most likely. Stimulate your imagination to inform your future planning. Join use for a look at the Future of United Communications & Teams.

Turning to Technology to Respond to a Huge Rise in High Profile Breaches

This invitation-only event is designed to facilitate an open discussion among industry peers focusing on the events and responses surrounding some of Australia’s most prominent breaches in 2022, establishing an effective framework following the Australian government's substantial increase in data breach fines, and more.

7 Ransomware Mistakes Enterprises Make Before, During and After an Attack

Join this session and we’ll share a mix of ransomware related business, organizational, procedural, and technical decision we wish enterprises just wouldn’t make.

Coffee Talk: Threat Alert: Monthly Top Attack Overview

Armed with the latest cyber threat intelligence from Cyjax, Ian Thornton-Trump CD, will outline what he sees as a resurgence in Russian state sponsored or state condoned cyber-attacks and why there may be very turbulent times ahead as we head into Spring 2023.