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Building Resilience Today for Tomorrow's Growth

By implementing new technologies, businesses have gained unprecedented levels of resiliency – positioning them for prosperity in the midst of changing market conditions. View this video to learn how firms are deploying cloud solutions to achieve their growth objectives in uncertain times – and beyond.

How to Measure and Mitigate Active Directory Cybersecurity Risk

Join us for this live webinar where we'll discuss the threats and potential risks you face in your AD environment. See for yourself how to measure AD risk using a risk register (5x5) as well as learn ways you can mitigate those risks to ensure true cyber resilience.

A Master Class on Cybersecurity: Roger Grimes Teaches Password Best Practices

Join Roger A. Grimes, KnowBe4’s Data-Driven Defense Evangelist, for this thought-provoking webinar where he’ll share the most common risks associated with passwords and how to develop password policies that work.

From Good to Great: Building Exceptional Mobile Apps with Modern Best Practices

Learn how to drive in-app engagement, retention, and conversions using modern UX techniques, in-app messaging, and more.

Modern Patch Management Part of Ransomware Defense

Join Greg Schulz, Author and Sr. Analyst at Server StorageIO and Microsoft MVP (CDM), along with Jody Evans from KACE by Quest, for an interactive discussion for organizations of various sizes, from large to small, as well as workgroups, departmental, and edge. Jody and Greg will discuss industry trends, customer pain points, techniques, and best practices to protect your organization's IT assets against various risks and ensure your applications are performing as expected.

Mastering Zero Trust Summit

Join the editors of Virtualization & Cloud Review for this free, half-day virtual summit for IT leaders that will bring together independent experts who will help you through your zero-trust implementation. No matter where you are in your zero-trust journey, you don't want to miss this summit -- register today!

The New Best Practices for Enterprise Zero Trust

As you begin your Zero Trust journey, its good to become familiar with the best practices that have been developed in the field, and attending this session is the best way to accomplish that.

Ransomware Protection and Recovery: Top Tips and Best Practices

Join Greg Schulz, Author and Sr. Analyst at Server StorageIO and Microsoft MVP (CDM), along with Scott Hetrick, Data Protection Pre-Sales manager from Quest, for an interactive discussion. Scott and Greg will discuss trends, customer pain points, techniques, and best practices to prepare you and your organization for recovering from ransomware and other threat risks.

Optimize Your Microsoft Cloud Investment

In this session, we’ll discuss how following migration to the cloud, many organizations uncover the need for better financial management and operational culture shifts to modernize their business. Experts will talk about how you can do more with less when it comes to your Microsoft cloud investment.

Enterprise Cloud Data Security & Protection Summit

Join the editors of Virtualization & Cloud Review and Redmondmag.com for this expert-led, free half-day summit that will walk you through the current threats facing your enterprise cloud data plus what you can do to protect it. Don't miss it!

Modernize Your Ransomware Defense

Ransomware attacks are not showing any signs of slowing down. 2017 research shows that a ransomware attack takes place every 11 seconds and attack techniques have only become more frequent and sophisticated in the years that have followed. Join SentinelOne and Gartner for an expert-led presentation as we discuss the current state of ransomware threats, and how organizations can better protect themselves by modernizing cybersecurity programs and tools.

Best Practices for Making a Supercloud Move

In this session, you will learn more about the supercloud concept, some of the tools that exist to make it happen, and the best practices around how you plan your move.

Supercloud in 2023 Summit

If you want to get a handle on your sprawling cloud infrastructure in 2023 and make the most of it, then this is the summit you don't want to miss this free half-day summit!

Supercloud 101: Why Supercloud and Why Now

Join Greg Schulz, Founder, and independent IT analyst Server StorageIO, to learn about why Supercloud, and why now or in the future?

Standardizing Backups Across Hybrid Cloud

In this webinar Veeam cloud subject matter experts share hybrid cloud data protection best practices, reference architectures and demos as a how-to for lowering costs, bettering security and standardizing backups across your hybrid cloud.