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Mastering Security Orchestration: Automating Response and Remediation with Microsoft Sentinel Combined with Azure OpenAI

Join us for the second part of our two-part series for a deep dive into the world of automated and orchestrated response remediation with Microsoft Sentinel and AzureOpenAI.

Coffee Talk: The Security Case Against VPNs

While there can be security advantages to using a VPN, VPNs can also be harmful from a security perspective. This webcast examines the true security implications of using a VPN. Register today!

Hacking Your Digital Identity: How Cybercriminals Can and Will Get Around Your Authentication Methods

Your digital identity is the gateway to your organization's most valuable assets. Watch this webinar now to learn how to keep your fortress secure!

What’s Attacking Your Multicloud Today

Join Ian Thornton-Trump CD, CISO for Cyjax Ltd. as he ponders strategic level threats and tactical threats based on what has manifested in 2023. Don't miss it!

Q4 Multicloud Security Check Summit: The Top Threats to Your Multicloud Right Now

Don’t let down your guard down! Register for this free, expert-led summit to hear top independent experts share the biggest security trends affecting the multicloud today, the quickest ways to secure your cloud data against attacks, real-world multicloud best practices, and the newest tools available to ensure your multicloud environment doesn’t get compromised.

Maximize Your Cloud Security

Join Insight for a webinar and hear experts share information about Managed Security Services (MSS) available to help you fight the battle to keep data secure. You’ll learn about how to manage security without sacrificing productivity, governance or compliance.

Optimize your IT Environment with Red Hat and AWS

This webinar describes how setting a foundation on Red Hat Enterprise Linux for both on-site datacenter and AWS environments can help you improve productivity, security, and operations as you move to the cloud and adapt to an increasingly digital world. Join in to learn more!

How to Guard Your Microsoft 365 Investment: Email Security Strategies

Join our cybersecurity experts Mark Harris and Brette Petersen for practical guidance on enhancing native Microsoft 365 email security to learn how to assess existing gaps in your current email security posture, when your organization should consider implementing additional security controls, and more.

Safeguarding Microsoft 365 Summit: Modern Security Best Practices for 2024 and Beyond

Join this three-hour, expert-led summit where you’ll learn the most common Microsoft 365 weak spots, the newest emerging attack vectors and methods, the best ways to mitigate these threats, and much more. Don’t wait – register today!

Getting the Most Out of AI with Open Source and Kubernetes

In this webinar, we’ll take you through how to get the most out of open source AI, introduce you to OpenShift Data Science, and provide a roadmap for planned future investments by Red Hat for AI on Red Hat OpenShift. Join to learn more!

Coffee Talk: Attack Roundup: Top Remote Device Threats in Q4 and Beyond (and How To Stop Them)

Join Greg Schulz, Author and senior analyst at Server StorageIO and Microsoft MVP Cloud Data Center Management, as he discusses trends, issues, and challenges around remote device threats in Q4 and beyond and how to protect them.

Coffee Talk: SaaS & Your Digital Transformation: What IT Managers Need to Know

As more companies engage partners to help them achieve real digital transformation, SaaS will be a more and more frequent component of the IT solutions that help them realize their goals. In this session, Senior Resultant Howard M. Cohen will discuss several SaaS-based strategies that accelerate and enable powerful digital transformation for your clients. Learn more!

Coffee Talk: Intro to Endpoint Security

Join security expert Ian Thornton-Trump CD as walks you through the realities of endpoint security, from protecting legacy systems, business services and even ephemeral workloads such as Elastic Beanstalk, so you can know how to thwart cyberattacks and keep your business afloat.

The Art of Cyber Deception: Strengthening Modern Defenses

Deception technology has been around since the 1960s, well before Lance Spitzer created The Honeynet Project. Security professionals are very familiar with early forms of deception technology (honeypots, honeynets, honeytokens) and while the techniques are the same, modern deception has moved well beyond these early technologies.

Decoding the 5th Round of MITRE ATT&CK Enterprise Evaluations 2023

MITRE Engenuity conducts independent evaluations of cybersecurity products to help institutions make better decisions to combat security threats and improve their threat detection capabilities. MITRE recently released results from the latest Engenuity ATT&CK Evaluation covering the adversary Turla, and SentinelOne will be breaking down the results during a special webcast. Join our product experts as we discuss what the ATT&CK Evaluation means for enterprises, what the Turla adversary is about, and how the Singularity Platform combats sophisticated threat actors.