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Identity Threat Summit: How To Find and Fix Entra ID Security Vulnerabilities

Join the editors of Redmondmag.com as well as leading IT security veterans as we look at Entra ID's role as a security risk and the top industry best practices for mitigating that risk.

Coffee Talk | Expert Guide to Preventing and Surviving Business Email Compromise

Join us to discover why Business Email Compromise (BEC) attacks soared to $2.9 billion in losses in 2023, ranking as the second-costliest cyber-crime category of the year. Dive into our webinar as we delve into why BEC attacks blend employee awareness with technical security controls, and explore if they constitute the ultimate supply chain threat. Don't miss out on practical insights to safeguard your organization

Generative AI: Breaking through the backlog for business transformation

Watch this on-demand webinar on AI-driven business transformation. Discover how generative AI empowers developers, accelerates app development, optimizes workflows, and delivers personalized experiences. Learn to unlock AI's full potential for unparalleled productivity and innovation.

Cloud Migration 101: How To Goof-Proof Your Cloud Journey Summit

Learn how to avoid all of these problems in this free, three-hour summit. Get real-world guidance for your cloud migration straight from the experts, from how to streamline your data transfers, to how to salvage your legacy apps, and more. We’ve got all your cloud migration bases covered – sign up today!

Revolutionizing Business: Application Modernization and Generative AI in Action

In today's rapidly evolving digital landscape, businesses are constantly seeking innovative ways to stay ahead of the curve. Join industry experts from Dynatrace, Microsoft, and NVIDIA who explore the emerging trends surrounding application modernization and generative AI. Discover how these cutting-edge technologies are reshaping industries, driving efficiency, and unlocking new opportunities for growth and competitiveness.

Cyber Resilience 101: Top Tips for Active Directory Defense

The ability to defend and recover your hybrid AD environment is key to operational resilience. Join Alexandra Weaver, Senior Solutions Architect, Semperis to learn more!

How to Fight Long-Game Social Engineering Attacks

Don’t get caught in the trap of long-game social engineering! Learn how to spot these attacks before they happen. Join us!

8 Reasons Teams Fall Short on AD Forest and Ransomware Recovery

Join our upcoming webinar to address the critical need for a robust Active Directory (AD) Forest recovery solution. Experts will cover the latest threats, common pitfalls, and effective recovery strategies. Don’t miss this chance to fortify your organization’s AD resilience—register now!

Ask Us Anything: Key Pillars to Harnessing the Power of Enterprise AI

Join our webcast to uncover the key elements of a successful Enterprise AI platform, control costs, and deploy AI apps in a cloud-native format. Our experts will help you understand AI integration, agile app deployment, and data security enhancement. Sign up now to transform your AI strategy

Achieving Cyber Resilience for Hybrid Workloads: Deep Dive Demo and Panel Discussion

Join experts from ESG, Microsoft, and Commvault for a discussion and deep-dive demo into data resilience and recoverability for hybrid workloads.

How to Keep Data Safe and Recoverable with Cleanroom Recovery

Check out this webinar to learn how to empower your organization against the relentless tide of cyber threats and fortify your data recovery processes with proven, innovative techniques.

Ransomware Recovery: Prepare for Ransomware by Implementing a Cyber Resilience Strategy

Check out this on-demand webinar where Commvault delves into the intricacies of ransomware recover and the shifting landscape of cyber security.

Embrace the Breach: Business Continuity with Cleanroom Recovery

Watch now to discover how Commvault Cleanroom Recovery enables continuous testing and rapid resilience to combat cyber threats within hybrid enterprises.

Leaders in Tech Series | Mid-Year Cybersecurity Trends Review: Top Threats To Know

Join our free virtual event to learn the latest strategies that attackers are using today, and the most useful tools and best practices you can implement to stop them. Get expert insights from some of the top experts in cybersecurity on how to identify and fix the most exploitable weaknesses in your organization. Don't let down your guard -- register today!

Microsoft 365 Data Protection Insights

Join us to as we reveal the highly anticipated findings of the 2024 Cloud Protection Trends Report, which surveyed 1,600 IT leaders on their data protection strategy. We’ll explore the latest insights into Microsoft 365 cloud-powered protection mechanisms for production data located both on and off-site — including BaaS and DRaaS.