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Active Directory & Azure AD Summit: The New Power Duo

9 a.m. PT/ 12 p.m. ET, New Feature Round-Up:
What's New in Active Directory and Azure AD
As an Azure service, Azure Active Directory is quickly and constantly updated with major and minor new features. Get an expert view of which GA, public preview and private preview features are the ones to watch and implement. Also, learn about important updates and best practices involving key tools and services for connecting Active Directory to Azure AD.

Our Presenters:

  • Speaker: John O'Neill, Sr., Chief Technologist, AWS Solutions
  • Moderator: Lafe Low

10 a.m. PT/1 p.m. ET, Should Active Directory Go in the Cloud, Stay On-Premises or Both?
What to Put Where, When and Why
For new organizations, born in the cloud, it's Azure Active Directory tenant all the way. But few of us live in those greenfield environments. In this in-depth session, our experts explore the advantages and disadvantages of having different parts of your identity and authentication infrastructure in different places -- on-premises, in the cloud or in both places at once.

Our Presenter:

  • To Be Announced

11 a.m. PT/2 p.m. ET, Securing a Hybrid On-Premises/Cloud Directory:
Guard Against Common Mistakes
Securing Active Directory is a fairly well understood phenomenon. Securing Azure AD, or a hybrid environment involving Azure AD combined with Active Directory is another matter. In this detail-rich session, get expert advice on common mistakes, pitfalls, misconfigurations and misunderstandings that can lead to credential or system compromise and other serious security and compliance problems.

Our Presenters:

  • Speaker: Nick Cavalancia
  • Moderator: Scott Bekker

Why Attend?

The cloud is changing the way organizations have to handle user identities and access to applications. With the ubiquity of Office 365 and legacy Active Directory environments, Azure Active Directory (Azure AD) is automatically a key element of that new landscape. This multi-session event offers expert advice and unbiased case studies focused on real-word information you can immediately use. Sessions are moderated by our editorial team and feature presentations by analysts and experts in the field. All at no charge to the attendee!

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