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IT Skills and Compensation Expert To Keynote at Live! 360 Conference

I'm thrilled to share that David Foote, chief analyst with Foote Partners and a prominent expert in IT skills, certification and salary benchmarks, will be the keynote speaker at this year's Live! 360 conference, where he'll reveal some important trends and pay data and discuss the importance of choosing a set of IT skills amid digital transformation efforts that are taking priority in a growing number of organizations.

Live! 360, which is produced by this publication's conference group, is an annual gathering of IT professionals and developers, scheduled to kick off Dec. 5 in Orlando, Fla. It brings together a number of conferences we produce including TechMentor, SharePoint Live!, SQL Live!, Visual Studio Live,! Modern Apps and App Dev Trends.

Foote is a renowned expert on IT skills and compensation and his firm for two decades has produced deep research and analysis on technology, economic and most notably compensation data covering hundreds of technology skills and disciplines. I've known Foote for many years and he plans to discuss how their IT skills are valued, taking into account shifts in technology and business requirements and will present key data and some forecasts.  Amazon, IBM, Google, Oracle Red Hat and Microsoft, among others, often talk up how businesses and the public sector are looking to become more agile. And with the availability of new technology and methodologies ranging from cloud, mobile, DevOps, automation, along with rapid acceleration of real-time analytics, machine learning and Internet of Things, demand for IT professionals and developers with new skills is growing.

Digital transformation is a key theme CEOs of all the major tech providers are talking up these days. According to a survey by Gartner earlier this year, 50 percent of CEOs and senior businesses say digital business transformation is on their agenda. Likewise, organizations are struggling to find people with modern cyber security skills to address current threats and those introduced by these new technologies. Amid these changes, IT professionals will need to carefully consider the approach to maintaining their skills to ensure they can maximize their earning potential, he says.

"If you are looking for job opportunities and greater pay, it's important to maintain cross-skilling," Foote said. "The whole ocean is rising." These digital transformation initiatives are changing and creating demand for in a variety of new areas such as UX designers, digital product designers, digital modelers and digital analytics managers, with expertise in a variety of platforms, form factors, development and infrastructure environments.

During the keynote, Foote will field questions from audience members about how they should consider managing their careers and how organizations are placing premiums on various skills and certifications. It should be an interesting opportunity if you're looking to make sure you're aligning your skills with where business and technology are headed. I hope to see you there.

Posted by Jeffrey Schwartz on 10/11/2016 at 1:49 PM


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