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COMmon Ground

With its central interface, Microsoft Management Console makes managing administrative tools a “snap.”

FTP: Still Valuable After All These Years

File Transfer Protocol has been around a while, and it's still one of the most useful tools to have under your Windows 2000 belt.

Get Terminal Services Up and Running

When installing this service, there are myriad options available. Be sure you choose wisely.

License, Please

Terminal Services gives you strong remote administration capabilities. But before using it, carefully check out the heavy licensing requirements.

Respecting Authority

CAs play a vital role in managing identity between networks and aren’t difficult to install—as long as you plan wisely.

Who ARE you?

When it comes to keeping your system safe from hackers trying to ride a Trojan horse through your defense perimeter, a Certificate Authority can make sure everybody’s exactly who they claim to be.

Keeping Time in Windows 2000

The Windows Time Synchronization service ensures that all your machines stay—tick for tock—on the same clock.

Get Connected with NAT

Windows 2000 makes it easy for small networks to get their share of the Net. Here’s how to implement it on those systems.

NAT Expands the Net

With everyone jumping on the Internet bandwagon, address space has become hot property. But with NAT as a core function in Windows 2000, even smaller businesses can have their share of the pie.

NetBIOS — The Service That Wouldn't Die

With the slow but steady migration to Windows 2000, NetBIOS receives another stay of execution. So, how does this collective pet peeve affect you?

ERD to the Rescue

Despite the common thought that the Emergency Repair Disk utility is MIA in Win2K, this backup tool is alive and well — and ready to save the day.

Take It Offline

When network connections are unavailable, Windows 2000’s Offline Files can keep you going.