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Testing Exchange's New Spam Filter

In spite of its shortcomings, you can't beat the price of Microsoft's Intelligent Message Filter.

Migration Wonderland

Before you tread the path to Exchange migration, here's a look at where that well-worn path leads.

XP SP2--Dedicated To Security

Microsoft’s next Service Pack for Windows XP is almost totally about improved security. And it shows.

Making the Connection

Using the Active Directory Connector is an effective way to move your legacy Exchange environment to a new Exchange 2003 setup.

Freeze Frame

Windows Server 2003’s Volume Shadow Copy Service can help you stop time. Here’s how to take full advantage of it.

The Magic of RPC over HTTP

If you have the latest and greatest from Microsoft—Windows Server 2003, Outlook 2003 and Exchange 2003—your users can get seamless remote access to e-mail.

The Long and Short of Stub Zones

Stub zones can beef up your DNS infrastructure. Here’s a practical guide to when and how to use them.

Be the Exchange Server

By trying to think like an Exchange Server, you can learn the ins and outs of the SMTP protocol.

Fine-Tuning Active Directory Access

Controlling who gets access to what in Active Directory means digging into the depths of AD. So grab a shovel and come along.

All About ADAM

Active Directory in Application Mode provides a way to have directory service functionality without needing a domain.

Zoom, Zoom, Zoom

Windows Server 2003 has a number of differences from Windows 2000 in how it handles DNS queries. They can speed up domain construction and troubleshooting, helping you squeeze more power out of your network.

Anthony's Tale

Anthony wanted to run Windows DNS on his company’s BIND network. It worked—until the intern came along.

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