Gold Partner Releases New Option for Exchange E-Mail Hosting

Dallas-based Affiliated Computer Services, Inc. (ACS), a Microsoft certified gold partner, recently announced the launching of SolutionOne, a managed hosting service for Microsoft Exchange 2003 and Exchange 2007 messaging environments.

Star Power: Redmond Readers' Choice Awards 2007

You voted for our annual Best of the Best and the results are in: Find out which products you've chosen as the cream of the crop.

Yahoo Promises Unlimited E-Mail Storage

In another reminder of technology's quantum leaps, Yahoo Inc.'s free e-mail service will provide unlimited storage space to its nearly 250 million users worldwide -- a concept that seemed unfathomable just a few years ago.

Yahoo Promises Unlimited E-Mail Storage

Yahoo Inc.'s free e-mail service will provide unlimited storage space to its nearly 250 million users worldwide

Computer Error Rocks Alaska's $38 Billion Oil Fund

Perhaps you know that sinking feeling when a single keystroke accidentally destroys hours of work. Now imagine wiping out a disc drive containing an account worth $38 billion.

Your New ID-Theft Worry? Photocopiers

Printers with data drives used for storing, reproducing copied documents can be security weak link if not protected.

The End of Online Storage: Coming Soon

New study says that we're running out of storage for all that online information.

IDC: So Much Data, So Little Space

A new study that estimates how much digital information the world is generating (hint: a lot) finds that for the first time, there's not enough storage space to hold it all. Good thing we delete some stuff.

Top 5 Cool Vista Tricks

Even if you never have to use these, it's good just to know they're there.

Vista Vulnerable Through Third-Party Programs

Microsoft Corp.'s Vista operating system might well be Redmond's most secure client operating environment to date, but that doesn't -- and couldn't -- mean Vista is completely unassailable.

German Court Bars Stealth PC Searches

Police cannot secretly search suspects' computer hard drives over the Internet, a German court ruled Monday.

Nationwide Insurance Data Stolen

Lockbox with backup tapes containing data on 130,000 Aetna members taken in break-in at insurer's outsourced billing services firm.

EMC's Profit Doubles

Profits more than doubled in the fourth quarter for information-management vendor EMC Corp. and beat the estimates of Wall Street analysts Tuesday.

Microsoft in Alliance with Teradata

Microsoft and NCR’s Teradata division announced Monday an alliance meant to optimize interoperability between Microsoft’s business intelligence solutions and Teradata’s Enterprise Data Warehouse product.

Keep Tabs on SQL Server

These two SQL Server monitoring tools go head-to-head.

Seagate Acquires EVault

Hard-disk drive manufacture makes move into online data storage.

New E-Discovery Rules Benefit Some Firms

Companies that help businesses track and search their e-mails and other electronic data are experiencing a surge of interest in the wake of federal rule changes that clarify requirements to produce such evidence in lawsuits.

Keep Your Hard Drive Healthy

Diskeeper helps keep today's monster hard drives neat and organized.

The Poor Man's VMFS

Greg walks you through new ways to set up this technology.

Sun Unveils Portable Data Center

Server and software maker Sun Microsystems Inc. has a novel twist on the data center: a portable version of the hulking outposts that house nothing but computers and equipment needed to store and process raw data.

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