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Revisiting My Tech Predictions for 2020

To be fair, who could have predicted any of this?

How To Automate PowerShell Script Creation

PowerShell scripting doesn't have to haphazard. Here's how to tell PowerShell to build a script from the commands that you have already entered at the command line.

How To Create Microsoft Visio Diagrams in Excel

Microsoft recently made some significant enhancements to its Visio add-in for Excel, enabling users to create Visio diagrams from within Excel. Here's how it works.

The Bounds of Facial Analysis Tech in the Age of Video Calling

Sophisticated facial analysis tools, powered by machine learning, are already on the market. Let's hope they don't make it into your next Microsoft Teams or Zoom meeting.

Visio for the Web Gets a Modern Cloud Makeover

Microsoft's venerable flowchart app had been getting a little dusty, but some recent tweaks have managed to bring it closer in line with modern IT needs.

Microsoft Edge Makeover Is Heavy on Practicality

Generally speaking, a browser should act like a browser, and nothing more. But Microsoft's latest updates to Edge enhance the browser's practical usefulness in some surprising ways.

Troubleshooting Windows Server iSCSI Connectivity Issues

When one of his Windows Servers stopped connecting to its storage array, Brien could find only an incomplete fix and an even weirder problem with Windows.

5 Steps To Fix Windows Indexing Problems

The Windows indexing feature doesn't always deliver the correct results of a file search. Here are five troubleshooting steps you can take whenever Windows indexing acts up.

Using Metadata To Make Non-Text Data Easier To Find

Content indexing works well for finding files that contain text, but it's no help when searching for non-text data. Brien's workaround is to take advantage of Windows 10's file metadata feature.

Testing Out Microsoft Word's New Transcription Capabilities

Brien has long been a loyal user of Dragon's dictation feature. How do Microsoft Word's latest transcription improvements compare to that old stalwart?

When To Back Up IT Infrastructure: 4 Things To Consider

We all know how important it is to back up your data, but should you be backing up your IT infrastructure, too? Here are the key factors that will tell you if you need to back up infrastructure items or if you can safely skip it.

Microsoft Stream Getting a SharePoint-Focused Makeover

Microsoft's plans for its enterprise video streaming platform could greatly improve how organizations manage, store and search through video data.

What's Next for Windows Mixed Reality?

HP's next-generation mixed reality headsets, with their focus on cutting-edge biometric features, offer a glimpse into where the technology is headed.

How To Find the Right Printer for Working from Home

Laser or inkjet? Amazon or manufacturer's Web site -- or neither? And what about power consumption? There are a lot of things to consider when you're looking to buy a new printer for your (probably equally new) home office.

Yellow Brick Grapic

How Microsoft 365 Can Help with Work-Life Balance

The pandemic has forced IT pros to work much longer hours than usual to keep their organizations running. Reclaiming that personal time can be tough, but help is available from an unlikely source: Microsoft 365.