Posey's Tips & Tricks

What To Do When Your Computing Hardware Gets Too Hot

Brien walks through the process of diagnosing and fixing an overheated machine. First step, especially with summer right around the corner: Invest in a thermal imaging camera.

What Causes SCVMM To Give a Host Zero Stars

System Center Virtual Machine Manager will sometimes flag a Hyper-V host with zero stars even if the host is online and healthy. Here's how to identify the problem.

Using Exchange Mail Flow Rules To Fight Ransomware

A key part of an organization's ransomware-prevention strategy is creating Exchange mail flow rules that take action against messages that are likely to contain ransomware.

The Ransomware Warning System in Your Backup Server

Backups aren't just the last line of defense against ransomware. If you know the signs, your backups can also help you stop a ransomware attack that is currently in progress.

Did Microsoft Finally Fix Hyper-V Replication?

A persistent thorn in Brien's side -- Hyper-V replication falling out of sync for no good reason -- seems to have fixed itself out of the blue.

How To Review Your User Access Control Settings -- And Why

Once universally loathed, UAC is now a very useful tool for blocking Windows security threats. Here's how to make sure you're using it appropriately.

Microsoft 'Seeing AI': Imagining a New Use for Computer Vision

A Microsoft Research project is expanding the capabilities of computer vision systems to help visually impaired users navigate everyday tasks.

Creating an Anti-Malware Policy for Microsoft 365

Those with a business or enterprise subscription to Microsoft 365 have the option to create a policy that will greatly reduce the chances of a user becoming infected from a malicious e-mail.

Protecting Users Against E-Mail Phishing Attacks

Microsoft's go-to solution for anti-phishing protection is an anti-phishing policy. Here's how to create one in Microsoft 365.

Restoring a Backup to Dissimilar Hardware: 3 Things To Watch Out For

Getting a new desktop looking and feeling like the old one used to take a long time, but modern backup applications have greatly streamlined the process. Still, there are a few things to keep in mind to avoid potential issues.

How To Reclaim Your Privacy from Windows 10, Part 2

These are the top four privacy settings to check in your Windows device to make sure Microsoft doesn't collect any data you don't want it to.

How To Reclaim Your Privacy from Windows 10, Part 1

To audit all of the personal data that Microsoft has collected from your PC usage habits, look no further than Windows 10's Privacy Dashboard.

Reusing Content Within Microsoft Word

A new Microsoft Word feature lets you insert a block of text (or other content) from a different file without leaving the document you're currently working on.

How To Create Custom Shapes in Microsoft Visio

Visio is a handy tool for creating network diagrams, but it doesn't include every conceivable type of shape. Here's how to create your own custom shapes in Visio.

How To Rebuild a Problematic Windows 10 Installation

Sometimes the easiest fix for chronic Windows 10 problems is reinstalling Windows 10. Here's how to do it without erasing all of your files and apps.