Microsoft Buys Orions Systems To Enhance Vision AI Capabilities in Dynamics 365

Microsoft announced on Tuesday that it has acquired Orions Systems with the aim of enhancing Dynamics 365 capabilities, as well as the Microsoft Power Platform.

Microsoft Ending Workflows for SharePoint 2010 Online Next Month

Microsoft on Monday gave notice that it will be ending support this year for the "workflows" component of SharePoint 2010 Online, as well as deprecating that component for SharePoint 2013 Online.

Microsoft Hires Movial To Build Android OS for Microsoft Devices

Microsoft has hired the Romanian operations of software engineering and design services company Movial to develop an Android-based operating system solution for the Microsoft Devices business segment.

Feature Update Deferral Mix-Up in Windows 10 Version 2004 Further Explained

Microsoft last week described the confusion it is attempting to avoid by removing the client graphical user interface (GUI)-based controls to defer Windows 10 feature updates, starting with version 2004.

Microsoft Makes It Easier To Self-Provision PCs via Windows Autopilot When VPNs Are Used

Microsoft announced this week that the Windows Autopilot service used with Microsoft Intune now supports enrolling devices, even in cases where virtual private networks (VPNs) might get in the way.

Most Microsoft Retail Locations To Shut Down

Microsoft is pivoting its retail operations to focus more on online sales, a plan that would mean the closing of most physical Microsoft Store locations.

Microsoft Makes Deferring Feature Updates Harder with Windows 10 Version 2004

Microsoft has made it more difficult for organizations to defer a Windows 10 feature update, starting with Windows 10 version 2004, known as the "May 2020 Update."

OpenDP Initiative Aims To Share Data and Preserve Privacy

Microsoft and Harvard University have been collaborating on open source tools aimed at easing data sharing while also preserving privacy, according to a Wednesday announcement.

Microsoft Specifies End Dates for Some Azure Active Directory Developer Resources

Microsoft this week announced the end dates for Azure Active Directory Authentication Library (ADAL) and the Azure Active Directory Graph API, which are both getting deprecated.

Microsoft Defender ATP Security Products Released for Linux and Android

A few Microsoft Defender Advanced Threat Protection (ATP) enhancements that expand the product's operating system platform support were announced by Microsoft this month.

Microsoft Gets More Specific on Feature Update Deadlines for IT Pros

Microsoft on Thursday outlined an updated calendar scheme for IT pros managing updates to Windows 10, Microsoft 365 and Microsoft Endpoint Configuration Manager.

Microsoft Buys CyberX To Enhance Azure IoT Security Solutions

Microsoft on Monday announced the acquisition of CyberX, which will help bolster Microsoft's Internet of Things (IoT) security solutions.

Microsoft Enhancing Azure Data Lake Capabilities with ADRM Acquisition

Microsoft announced on Thursday that it bought ADRM Software Inc., a maker of data models for various industries.

Microsoft Resumes Monthly Optional Cumulative Updates for Windows Systems

Microsoft this week announced a few sundry news bits for IT pros maintaining Windows and Microsoft 365 environments.

ACLU Finds Microsoft Tried To Sell Facial Recognition Software to the DEA

E-mails exposed on Wednesday by the American Civil Liberties Union (ACLU) indicated that Microsoft was actively trying to sell biometric and facial recognition technology to the U.S. Drug Enforcement Administration (DEA) over the past two years.

Windows 10 Gets Name Changes, Plus a New Update Baseline Tool

Microsoft this week announced some minor name changes to its Windows 10 update process and its test releases, and it rolled out a new baseline tool for IT pros to help with Windows 10 Group Policy settings.

Microsoft Releases Money in Excel, Plus a Stock History Beta

Microsoft announced a couple of notable Excel features this month for people who keep track of financial matters.

Microsoft and SAS Expand Partnership in the Cloud

Microsoft and the SAS Institute Inc. are expanding their partnership, with Microsoft Azure serving as SAS' preferred cloud service provider, according to a Monday announcement.

Microsoft Gets Backlash on Plans To Limit Facial Recognition Sales to Police

Microsoft's announcement that it will condition the sale of facial recognition technology to U.S. police departments based on human rights got a reaction from the Trump administration.

Azure Files Service Gets Active Directory Domain Services Support

Microsoft this week announced a few milestones for its Azure Files cloud-based file share service.