Microsoft Begins Preview Launch of Universal Print for Microsoft 365 Subscribers

Microsoft on Tuesday announced a public preview of Universal Print for Microsoft 365 subscribers.

Microsoft Reportedly Has an Emerging 'Cloud PC' Virtual Desktop Service

Microsoft has a "Cloud PC" effort under works that apparently will be somewhat different from existing Microsoft services, such as the Windows Virtual Desktop virtual desktop infrastructure (VDI) service.

New Yammer Conversations for SharePoint Online Now Available

Microsoft announced on Monday that the "new" Yammer Conversations Web Part for companywide chats is now available to SharePoint Online tenancies at the "general availability" commercial-release stage.

IT Pros React to SharePoint 2010 Online Workflows End of Support

Microsoft's plans to put an early end to workflows for SharePoint 2010 Online, announced earlier this month, have elicited multiple complaints from IT pros, a petition to postpone the deprecation and a little bit of help.

CISA Issues Emergency Directive on Windows Server DNS Vulnerability

The Cybersecurity and Infrastructure Security Agency (CISA) on Thursday announced the release of an emergency directive on patching a Windows Server Domain Name System (DNS) vulnerability (CVE-2020-1350).

Microsoft and Citrix Partnership Shifts to Citrix Workspace and Microsoft Azure

Microsoft and Citrix this week outlined the current direction of their longtime collaborative partnership efforts.

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Microsoft July Security Updates Address 18 Critical Vulnerabilities, Including One That's 'Wormable'

Microsoft on Tuesday released July security patches, addressing a total of 123 common vulnerabilities and exposures.

Microsoft Repeats Warnings on Microsoft 365 Apps Name Changes and Use of the Insecure SHA-1 Protocol

Microsoft this week repeated some patch warnings to IT pros, with a couple of milestones coming up soon.

Microsoft Secure Score Commercially Released Worldwide

The Microsoft Secure Score service has reached "general availability" commercial-release status worldwide, Microsoft announced on Monday.

Microsoft Highlights Security and Compliance Milestones for OneDrive and SharePoint

Microsoft outlined some recent security and compliance enhancements that are either already available or will be coming to Microsoft 365 tenancies using OneDrive and SharePoint by year's end.

Coming Microsoft Teams Features Aim To Make Remote Meetings More Natural

Microsoft recently described new Teams features to come, with many of them aiming to make the remote videoconferencing experience feel more like an actual physical meeting.

Microsoft Buys Orions Systems To Enhance Vision AI Capabilities in Dynamics 365

Microsoft announced on Tuesday that it has acquired Orions Systems with the aim of enhancing Dynamics 365 capabilities, as well as the Microsoft Power Platform.

Microsoft Hires Movial To Build Android OS for Microsoft Devices

Microsoft has hired the Romanian operations of software engineering and design services company Movial to develop an Android-based operating system solution for the Microsoft Devices business segment.

Microsoft Ending Workflows for SharePoint 2010 Online Next Month

Microsoft on Monday gave notice that it will be ending support this year for the "workflows" component of SharePoint 2010 Online, as well as deprecating that component for SharePoint 2013 Online.

Feature Update Deferral Mix-Up in Windows 10 Version 2004 Further Explained

Microsoft last week described the confusion it is attempting to avoid by removing the client graphical user interface (GUI)-based controls to defer Windows 10 feature updates, starting with version 2004.

Most Microsoft Retail Locations To Shut Down

Microsoft is pivoting its retail operations to focus more on online sales, a plan that would mean the closing of most physical Microsoft Store locations.

Microsoft Makes It Easier To Self-Provision PCs via Windows Autopilot When VPNs Are Used

Microsoft announced this week that the Windows Autopilot service used with Microsoft Intune now supports enrolling devices, even in cases where virtual private networks (VPNs) might get in the way.

Microsoft Makes Deferring Feature Updates Harder with Windows 10 Version 2004

Microsoft has made it more difficult for organizations to defer a Windows 10 feature update, starting with Windows 10 version 2004, known as the "May 2020 Update."

OpenDP Initiative Aims To Share Data and Preserve Privacy

Microsoft and Harvard University have been collaborating on open source tools aimed at easing data sharing while also preserving privacy, according to a Wednesday announcement.

Microsoft Specifies End Dates for Some Azure Active Directory Developer Resources

Microsoft this week announced the end dates for Azure Active Directory Authentication Library (ADAL) and the Azure Active Directory Graph API, which are both getting deprecated.