CrowdStrike Suggests 63 Percent of Orgs Losing Trust in 'Legacy' Software Providers Like Microsoft

A CrowdStrike survey, announced last week, depicted organizations struggling with security issues, and losing trust in "legacy" software vendors such as Microsoft.

Microsoft Releases Defender for Business Preview, Unveils Defender for Containers Product

More Microsoft Defender product news arrived this week, including the availability of a Microsoft Defender for Business preview, plus the introduction a newly formed product called "Microsoft Defender for Containers."

Microsoft Releases New Cloud Tool for Orgs Stuck on Internet Explorer

Microsoft on Tuesday announced a new tool for IT pros that lets organizations keep using Internet Explorer (IE) technologies for their Web sites and Web apps via the Microsoft Edge browser.

Microsoft Expands Azure Space Partnerships with Azure Orbital Preview

Microsoft on Thursday announced a public preview of Azure Orbital, its groundstation-as-a-service offering for communicating with satellites and processing satellite data using Azure resources.

Microsoft Sets Up Vulnerable and Malicious Driver Reporting Center

Microsoft on Wednesday announced the availability of a new "Vulnerable and Malicious Driver Reporting Center," which lets anyone direct Microsoft's attention toward drivers with suspect behaviors.

Microsoft Announces Secured-Core Hardware for Windows Server 2022 and Azure Stack HCI

Certified Secured-core server hardware products are now available for running Azure Stack HCI and Windows Server 2022 software implementations, according to an announcement on Tuesday.

Microsoft Details New Commerce Experience Model Changes

Microsoft's New Commerce Experience subscription model for Cloud Solution Provider partners will get implemented in January, bringing a 20 percent price increase for customers opting for monthly subscriptions.

Microsoft Seizes Control of Chinese Hacking Group Web Sites

Microsoft on Monday announced that it has seized control of multiple Web sites used by the Chinese hacking group NICKEL.

Microsoft Bumps Up Teams Plans SLAs, Adds Operator Connect Conferencing Partner Support

Microsoft Teams users lacking good Internet connections for meetings are getting some enhancements, according to a couple of recent Microsoft announcements.

IT Pros To Get More Security Control over Office Document Macro Content

Microsoft will finally better respect IT pro decisions about macros, ActiveX content and Office add-ins in e-mailed Office documents, according to a new security policy that'll be arriving in "early February 2022."

Security Management Eased for Microsoft Defender for Endpoint Users

Microsoft is rolling out a somewhat more streamlined approach for managing devices that use Microsoft Defender for Endpoint, according to a Thursday announcement.

Microsoft Teams Essentials Now Available for Small Businesses

Microsoft on Wednesday announced the availability of Microsoft Teams Essentials, a new collaboration product for small businesses.

Microsoft Starting to Deliver Loop Components to Teams Users

Microsoft announced on Tuesday that Microsoft Loop components are starting to become available to Microsoft 365 "commercial customers" using Microsoft Teams.

Flexible Server for Azure Database for PostgreSQL Now Commercially Available

Microsoft on Tuesday announced the "general availability" (GA) commercial release of the Flexible Server deployment option for the Azure Database for PostgreSQL service.

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Microsoft Lists Becomes a Progressive Web App Using Project Nucleus Technology

Microsoft on Monday described its ongoing efforts to turn Microsoft 365 Web applications into progressive Web apps (PWAs).

New Microsoft 'Teams Phone with Calling Plan' Product Coming in January

Microsoft on Friday outlined changes for organizations using Microsoft Teams for phone calls.

Microsoft Authenticator Gets Number Matching and GPS Location Capabilities

Microsoft this week announced four new security features for the Microsoft Authenticator app that can be used for confirming mobile device user identities.

Microsoft Fixes Azure Active Directory Issue Exposing Private Key Data

Microsoft announced on Wednesday that it fixed an Azure Active Directory private key data storage gaffe that affects Azure application subscribers, but affected organizations nonetheless should carry out specific assessment and remediation tasks.

Microsoft and AT&T Team on 5G Edge Zones Service

Microsoft announced Azure Edge Zones with AT&T support, a service that's at the private preview stage.

Microsoft Azure-Based Machine Ranked No. 10 in Supercomputing List

Microsoft this week credited the use of Nvidia A100 Tensor Core 80-GB graphics processing units (GPUs) in Azure virtual machines for getting four of its machines placed in the TOP500 supercomputing list.

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