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Build 2023 Highlights: Microsoft's Copilot Universe Expands

"It does feel like every week, there is something new," said Microsoft CEO Satya Nadella on Tuesday, during the opening keynote of Build 2023.

Microsoft Previews AI-Based Code Optimizations for .NET Apps

Azure Monitor users can now try a public preview of Code Optimizations to detect performance issues with their .NET apps and services, per a Thursday Microsoft announcement.

Microsoft 365 Defender Now Automatically Disrupts Adversary-in-the-Middle Attacks

Microsoft 365 Defender now can automatically detect and disrupt "adversary-in-the-middle" (AiTM) attacks, Microsoft announced on Wednesday.

Iffy Azure Storage Default Setting Getting Nixed in August

Microsoft gave notice on Wednesday that it will disable a default setting in Azure Storage that can permit anonymous access and cross-tenant replication.

Microsoft Releases System-Preferred Multifactor Authentication

Microsoft on Tuesday announced the commercial release ("general availability") of system-preferred multifactor authentication (MFA).

Microsoft Publishes Documentation on Outlook Web Link Switching to the Edge Browser by Default

Microsoft this week published documentation confirming its plans to divert Web links in Outlook to the Microsoft Edge browser by default.

Helion and Microsoft Ink Fusion Electric Power Deal

Microsoft and Helion have agreed to a 2028 energy deal using Helion's fusion-generated electric power.

Microsoft Invests in AI App Development Startup

Microsoft has made its next move in the AI space by investing in, which specializes in AI-assisted code and app development.

Azure Active Directory Gets 'Converged' Management for Authentication Methods

Microsoft this week announced a few Azure Active Directory improvements.

Microsoft's Secure Boot BlackLotus Patching To Extend into 2024

Microsoft this week offered guidance to address a Secure Boot vulnerability in Windows and Linux systems, but it'll likely be a long-term project for IT pros.

LinkedIn Cutting 716 Employees

The LinkedIn careers site, owned by Microsoft, is laying off 716 employees, per a Monday announcement.

Microsoft Cutting Full-Time Employee Pay Raises

Microsoft told its full-time employees on Wednesday that no raises will be coming this year.

Microsoft 365 Copilot Private Preview Expands with Early Access Program plus New Semantic Index

Microsoft on Tuesday announced a new Microsoft 365 Copilot Early Access Program for testing artificial intelligence (AI) capabilities, plus a new "Semantic Index for Copilot" to facilitate those capabilities.

Microsoft Patches 3 Zero Day Flaws in May Security Update

Microsoft's monthly security update arrived on Tuesday with a lighter-than-usual 38 bulletins to address flaws across the company's line of supported products and services.

Microsoft To Target Insecure Exchange Server E-Mail Connections

IT pros may face deadlines after some recent Exchange team announcements regarding Exchange Online.

Microsoft Commercially Releases Azure Active Directory Certificate-Based Authentication for Mobile Devices

Microsoft this week announced that its Azure Active Directory Certificate-Based Authentication (CBA) scheme for "phishing-resistant" authentications is now commercially released and ready for use with mobile devices.

Report Suggests Microsoft and AMD Collaborating on AI Chip

A Thursday report by Bloomberg stated that Microsoft and AMD are collaborating on an artificial intelligence (AI) chip as an alternative to Nvidia's AI processor market dominance with its graphics processing units (GPUs).

Microsoft Now Lets Orgs Get Windows Client 'Health' Notices via E-Mail

Organizations with E3/E5-types of Microsoft 365 or Windows Enterprise subscriptions can now get notices about issues associated with Windows client updates via e-mail, Microsoft announced on Wednesday.

Microsoft To Switch Outlook Web Links to Its Edge Browser by Default

Microsoft has given advance notice to some organizations using Outlook for Windows of a coming default switch to the Microsoft Edge browser for opened Web links.

Microsoft Introduces Copilot in SharePoint and Other Coming Features

Microsoft on Tuesday announced multiple SharePoint, OneDrive, Stream and Lists improvements to come, along with the debut of "Copilot in SharePoint."

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