Canonical and Microsoft Add .NET 6 Support to Ubuntu Linux

Developers using the Ubuntu 22.04 ("Jammy") operating system can now install .NET 6, Canonical and Microsoft announced on Tuesday.

Microsoft Floats Uncertain Plans for Skype for Business Server 'VNext'

Microsoft announced on Monday that it had no details to share about Skype for Business Server "vNext," which is a "subscription-only" version of the product designed for customer premises installations.

Microsoft Awards $13.7 Million in Bug Bounty Program

Microsoft announced last week that it has paid out $13.7 million to 335 researchers in the last year through Microsoft Bug Bounty Programs.

Microsoft's Delay in Patching 'Dogwalk' Flaw Baffles Security Researchers

Microsoft took more than two years after disclosure to patch a vulnerability in the Windows Support Diagnostic Tool, dubbed "Dogwalk," which was described this week as being under active exploit.

Microsoft Sentinel Can Now Detect 'Low and Slow' Password Spray Attacks

Microsoft has created a new "guided hunting notebook" for Microsoft Sentinel users that's designed to detect so-called "low and slow" password spray attacks, according to a Thursday announcement.

New Yammer Role and Experience Insights Dashboard Available at Preview for Microsoft 365 Users

Microsoft this week announced a couple of perks at the preview stage for IT pros overseeing Microsoft 365 apps in organizations.

August Patch Tuesday: Microsoft Plugs 121 Flaws

After a lighter-than-usual past few months, Microsoft is back in the triple digits for its monthly security update, with 121 common vulnerabilities and exposures (CVE) fixes.

Windows 11 To Block Brute Force Ransomware Attacks by Default

Microsoft recently rolled out a new security policy for Windows 11 that aims to curb the growing ransomware threat by blocking some brute-force attacks.

Microsoft Entra Verified ID Service Now Available

Microsoft Entra Verified ID, a new service that promises a more deliberate way for individuals and organizations to share identity information, is now released at the "general availability" stage, Microsoft announced on Monday.

Microsoft Add Windows 10 Universal Print Capabilities

Microsoft on Wednesday declared that some Universal Print capabilities that have been available to Windows 11 users are now also available for certain Windows 10 users.

Microsoft Spreads FUD on Office Connections to Microsoft 365 Services

Microsoft appears to be deliberately trying to confuse the public on Office 2016 and Office 2019 connections to Microsoft 365 services.

Windows Update for Business Deployment Service Will Apply Safeguard Holds Automatically for Suspect Patches

Microsoft this week began further explaining its Windows Update for Business Deployment Service, with a focus on Safeguard Holds.

Microsoft Unveils Alternative to Mitre's Documentation of Azure Attack Methods

Microsoft this week described an Azure Threat Research Matrix for documenting tactics, techniques or procedures (TTPs) used against Azure services, including the Azure Active Directory service.

Microsoft Speeding Up Teams for Mac Devices, Plus Other Improvements

Microsoft announced on Wednesday that it has optimized a version of Microsoft Teams for Apple Mac devices that are using Apple silicon.

New Microsoft Defender Experts for Hunting Service Now Commercially Available

Microsoft on Wednesday announced the "general availability" commercial release of the Microsoft Defender Experts for Hunting service.

Microsoft Outlook Lite Released for 'Lightweight' Android Devices

Microsoft on Monday announced the release of a new Outlook Lite application for so-called "lightweight" Android mobile phones.

Microsoft Commercially Releases Viva Goals and Previews Viva Sales

Microsoft on Monday announced the "general availability" commercial released of Viva Goals, plus a preview release of Viva Sales.

Microsoft Releases New Microsoft Defender Security Services, Plus Microsoft Sentinel Solution for SAP

Microsoft on Tuesday announced three new enterprise-grade security products, which are now commercially released.

Attackers Evolve Strategy After Microsoft Office Macro Blocking

Threat actors are adjusting their tactics and moving away from macro-based attacks after Microsoft's policy of blocking VBA macros in Office, according to a report released this week.

Microsoft Store App Management Capabilities Expected To Arrive This Year

Microsoft on Thursday outlined its Microsoft Store on Windows plans, and how its app distribution scheme will work with the various management tools used by organizations.