Microsoft To Switch Outlook Web Links to Its Edge Browser by Default

Microsoft has given advance notice to some organizations using Outlook for Windows of a coming default switch to the Microsoft Edge browser for opened Web links.

Microsoft Now Lets Orgs Get Windows Client 'Health' Notices via E-Mail

Organizations with E3/E5-types of Microsoft 365 or Windows Enterprise subscriptions can now get notices about issues associated with Windows client updates via e-mail, Microsoft announced on Wednesday.

Microsoft Introduces Copilot in SharePoint and Other Coming Features

Microsoft on Tuesday announced multiple SharePoint, OneDrive, Stream and Lists improvements to come, along with the debut of "Copilot in SharePoint."


Samsung Bans Employees' Use of ChatGPT

Electronics manufacturer Samsung has communicated to employees not to use AI tools like OpenAI's ChatGPT over privacy and security concerns.

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Microsoft Said To Be Hiring for 'Responsible AI' Efforts

Microsoft on Monday suggested that it will be hiring more talented people for its "responsible AI program."

Microsoft Previews Teams Payments App for Small Businesses

Microsoft on Monday announced a preview of a Teams Payments app for small businesses.

Microsoft Demos Azure OpenAI ChatGPT To Solve Cryptic Error Messages

Microsoft last week demonstrated how Azure OpenAI using the ChatGPT 3.5-Turbo model can help users in organizations figure out cryptic error messages.

Microsoft Offers Clarity on the Last Version of Windows 10

The last version of Windows 10 is the current 22H2 release, Microsoft explained, in a Thursday announcement.

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Microsoft Drops Wait List To Try AI Powered Microsoft Designer

Microsoft on Thursday announced an expanded preview of Microsoft Designer, its generative artificial intelligence design creation application.

Microsoft Bolstering Sentinel with Workspace Manager and Hunts Previews

Microsoft this week announced some Microsoft Sentinel enhancements that are either available as a public preview release or will be coming soon.

Phone Link for iOS Coming Soon to Windows 11 Devices

Microsoft announced on Wednesday that Phone Link for iOS soon will be arriving on Windows 11 systems, with a completion date estimated for "mid-May."

Microsoft 365 Apps and Services Switching to 'Cloud.Microsoft' Domain Name

Microsoft on Wednesday announced that user-facing Microsoft 365 apps and services are getting consolidated into a new domain-name pattern, namely ""

Microsoft Acquisition of Activision Blocked by UK Regulator

Microsoft's record-setting proposed acquisition of gaming company Activision Blizzard for $68.7 billion has hit a setback as a U.K. regulatory body has blocked the deal due to concerns with cloud-based gaming.

Microsoft Previews Defender for APIs in Defender for Cloud

Microsoft this week introduced a preview of a new "Microsoft Defender for APIs" security solution, which is part of the Microsoft Defender for Cloud service.

Microsoft To Include App Governance in Defender for Cloud Apps Subscriptions

Microsoft is planning to include its App Governance add-on as part of the Microsoft Defender for Cloud Apps service "at no additional cost," starting in June.

Microsoft Releases Windows LAPS Public Preview Using Azure Active Directory Capabilities

Microsoft on Friday announced a public preview of Windows Local Administrator Password Solution (LAPS) for Microsoft Entra Azure Active Directory.

Microsoft Viva Suite To Add Copilot AI Capabilities and Glint This Year

Microsoft on Thursday announced multiple product enhancements to its Viva "employee experience platform" suite, including Copilot artificial intelligence additions, as part of its Microsoft Viva Summit online presentation.

Microsoft Previews Hotpatch for Windows Server Virtual Machines with Desktops

Microsoft this week announced that its Hotpatch capability is now available as a preview for users of Windows Server 2022 Datacenter Azure Edition with the "Desktop Experience" install option, as well as for Azure Stack HCI users.

Microsoft Security Nomenclature Switches to Bad Weather Naming Scheme

Microsoft announced this week that it has scrapped its security threat nomenclature for a new weather-themed one.

Microsoft No Longer Supports Office 2013

Microsoft on Wednesday offered a short posthumous public notice that its perpetual-license Office 2013 product has passed its end-of-support phase.

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