Microsoft Killing 'GPT Builder' Perk for Copilot Pro Users

A key component of Microsoft's for-pay Copilot Pro solution is being retired in one month.

Microsoft To Bolster Security for Outlook Personal Accounts

As part of Microsoft's ongoing Microsoft Secure Future Initiative (SFI), the company is readying three new security enhancements for Outlook personal accounts.

Microsoft Releases Light Security Update for June

June's monthly security update has arrived and it continues the recent trend of lighter-than-usual totals.

Microsoft Touts Windows Server 2025's GPU Partitioning Feature

In an article last week, Microsoft went into more detail about Windows Server 2025's upcoming GPU benefits.

Microsoft Will Disable Recall by Default Due to Security Concerns

Microsoft on Friday announced that its controversial new Recall feature (currently in preview) will not be activated by default for Windows users.

FTC Aims Antitrust Crosshairs at Microsoft's Weird Inflection AI Deal

Microsoft's roundabout acquisition of Inflection AI, a developer of AI chatbot technologies, has drawn unwanted scrutiny from U.S. regulators, according to a report this week by the Wall Street Journal.

Microsoft Releases Azure Bastion 'Premium' Preview

A public preview of a new, more feature-rich SKU of Microsoft's Azure Bastion virtual machine (VM) security product is now available.

Microsoft Dynamics 365 Call Center Coming Soon

Microsoft on Tuesday announced that its upcoming release of Microsoft Dynamics 365 Contact Center, a Copilot-powered cloud contact center solution, will be generally available on July 1.

Microsoft and Hitachi Strike Copilot Partnership

Microsoft's AI and cloud portfolios are expected to be rolled in to Hitachi's industry IoT software platform, thanks to a newly minted three-year partnership.

Microsoft Warns of Growing Operational Technology Device Attacks

In a recent report, Microsoft warns that the number of attacks targeting Internet-connected operational technology (OT) devices is on the rise.

Microsoft Targeting VMware Customers with Azure Licensing Change

Microsoft this week updated its licensing options in hopes to increase VMware users to migrate to Azure.

Microsoft Releases Windows Server 2025 in Public Preview

Windows Server 2025 has hit the next milestone towards full release with the availability of a public preview.

Microsoft Developing Converged Platform for Multicloud Management

Microsoft on Wednesday announced it is developing a converged platform designed to streamline risk discovery and remediation, with zero trust baked at the core.

Microsoft Enters Into Industry AI Safety Pact

Microsoft, OpenAI, Amazon and Google are among the 16 organizations that have signaled their willingness to police their own procedures around AI development, with the goal of limiting AI misuse and promoting responsible deployments.

Microsoft Makes SharePoint Embedded Commercially Available

SharePoint Embedded is now generally available, Microsoft announced Tuesday.

Microsoft Announces Data and AI Enhancements to Fabric

Microsoft is bringing new AI-powered capabilities to Microsoft Fabric, its enterprise data analytics platform that combines business intelligence, data warehousing and data analysis in one product.

Microsoft Announces Copilot Enhancements to Microsoft 365 at Build

Microsoft on Tuesday revealed new features and functionality for Microsoft 365 users in its Copilot AI assistant.

Microsoft Releases Templates for AI App Development

Microsoft is rolling out a new feature for businesses enrolled in the Microsoft for Startups Founders Hub to assist in quickly and effectively build AI-powered apps.

Microsoft Announces New AI PCs at Pre-Build Event

Microsoft on Monday announced a new line of PCs from both itself and third parties that will be designed for AI and will be running the latest OpenAI GPT-4o model.

Microsoft To Require Multifactor Authentication for Azure Users

Microsoft last week announced that, starting in July, all users of Azure services will be required to set up and use multifactor authentication (MFA) when logging in.

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