Microsoft Splits Windows 11 Test Build into Two

Microsoft on Monday announced that it has created two distinct testing paths for its next preview versions of Windows 11, available to Windows Insider Beta users.

Nonprofit Advocacy Group Software Freedom Conservancy Recommends Ditching Github

The nonprofit organization Software Freedom Conservancy (SFC) recommends users stop using the Microsoft-owned GitHub source code repository platform and its newly released Github Copilot.

Microsoft Highlights Protections Against NTLM Relay Attack Variant DFSCoerce

Microsoft on Friday noted that a new "PetitPotam" NT LAN Manager (NTLM) relay attack variant called "DFSCoerce" is addressed if organizations followed its earlier advice in Knowledge Base article KB5005413.

PowerShell Creator Snover Stepping Down from Microsoft

The "father of PowerShell," Jeffrey Snover, announced this week that he'll be leaving Microsoft on July 1.

AMD Data Held by Cyber Criminal Group RansomHouse

According to claims made by the cybercriminal group RansomHouse, the group is in possession of data stolen from Santa Clara, Calif.-based chip maker AMD.

Microsoft Drops Plans To Bar Automatic Monthly Renewals of Cloud Services Accounts

Microsoft has changed course somewhat and won't block automatic renewals of existing monthly cloud services accounts offered under an older plan overseen by Cloud Solutions Provider (CSP) partners.

W3C Steers Course To Become a Nonprofit Organization

The Worldwide Web Consortium (W3C) announced on Tuesday that it's planning to launch as a nonprofit organization, kicking off in January 2023.

Idle Session Timeout Settings Now Available Across Microsoft 365 Web Apps

Microsoft on Tuesday announced the "general availability" commercial release of idle session timeout settings for Microsoft 365 Web apps.

Microsoft 2013 Branded Servers To Reach End of Support Next Year

Microsoft will be ending support for its 2013-branded server products in about nine months, with the typical end date planned for April 11, 2023.

Microsoft Defender Vulnerability Management Now Reports CVEs Lacking Fixes

Microsoft is previewing the ability for organizations to see when software lacks fixes for common vulnerability and exposures (CVEs), as described in a Monday announcement.

Microsoft's Temporary Access Pass Now Deemed Ready for Orgs

Microsoft this week announced that a Temporary Access Pass capability in the Azure Portal is now at the "general availability" commercial-release stage.

Microsoft Defender for Identity Will Check for Insecure Domain Configurations

Microsoft Defender for Identity is getting the ability to detect insecure domain configurations, even when they are Microsoft's defaults.

CISA, NSA and Other Agencies Recommend Hardening PowerShell

Government cybersecurity organizations on Tuesday announced guidelines for using Microsoft's built-in PowerShell scripting language with Windows, without having it also be leveraged by attackers.

Microsoft Adds New Capabilities to Verified ID Preview

Microsoft on Tuesday announced improvements to the preview of the Microsoft Entra Verified ID service.

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Major Tech Firms Create Metaverse Standards Forum

The Metaverse Standards Forum, made up of 30 tech organizations, has formed to foster cooperation in creating requirements and resources for the future of the metaverse industry.


Microsoft To Screen Its Azure Customers on Facial Recognition Use Cases

Microsoft on Tuesday announced version 2 of its "Responsible AI Standard" document, and disclosed a use-case approval process for its Azure Face API, Computer Vision, and Video Indexer customers.

Microsoft Secured-Core IoT and Edge Devices Now Available

Microsoft has brought its Secured-core security design to Internet of Things (IoT) and edge devices, according to a Monday announcement.

Exchange Tenancies Should Prep for iOS Device 'Modern Authentication' Shift

Microsoft and Apple are working together to eliminate Basic Authentication use with the Mail app for organizations using the Microsoft Exchange Online e-mail service, according to a Thursday Microsoft announcement.

New Microsoft Viva Sales Product Coming This Year

Microsoft on Thursday announced Viva Sales, a coming new product for salespersons that pulls information together from various Microsoft 365 applications.

Microsoft Defender for Individuals App Released to Consumer Users

Microsoft has released a new security application for consumer subscribers to the Microsoft 365 Personal or Microsoft 365 Family product suites, as described in a Thursday announcement.

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